Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Test of Movie-night

Movie-night was a bit of a test for the new situation at my house. The recent addition of a foster-cat, Bear-Bear, has, as you may imagine, created some difficulties for the perma-cats. Bear-Bear himself seems to be enjoying things, especially since I have started letting him out most of the time that I am present. Tungsten’s dislike of him means that I will give her more opportunity to grow accustomed to Bear-Bear before he is released on a full-time basis.

Saturday nights are usually spent watching a movie, with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and Renn beside me on the parlour couch; Tucker often joins us for a snooze on the ottoman. Last weekend disrupted the boys’ routine, unfortunately. Bear-Bear saw no reason not to spend the entire movie on my lap, purring. He loves people. Renn would periodically appear at the open door and look in, then wander away, only to return later. He is growing braver every day, but didn’t feel that he could brave the new situation just yet.

Since then, both Renn and Tucker have been coming into the parlour, the latter to slumber on the ottoman, the former to gaze out the window. My big boy especially likes having the parlour door open again because when he sees something of interest (such as an intruder-cat) outside on the back lawn, he can rush from the bedroom window to the parlour, or vice versa, to continue watching it as it moves. I like that he has that chance again.

This to-ing and fro-ing will help the boys realise that the parlour is not a place to avoid, even though Bear-Bear sleeps there. (Just in case you are wondering, the girls have never spent much time either watching a film with me - though Tungsten has joined me once in a while - or even visiting the parlour.) I am hoping that this Saturday will bring an increased presence of Renn and Tucker in that room. A couple of relaxed mancats are as important a part of movie-night as a good film.


  1. That is good news that all are starting to get used to each other. It has been a year and our Fitz girl is finally coming up to sit with Dad. If Rumpy is not around anyhow!

  2. Nice that everyone is getting used to each other's presence now.

  3. Obviously you need to watch a more girl-oriented movie. Pop in "The Notebook" and see if any of the female cats take notice.