Friday, July 25, 2014

How He Thinks, What He Does

It’s always interesting to me to see the personality of a cat revealed. I’m getting to know Kola more, of course, the longer this foster-cat stays with me. He loves physical attention - up to a point. In the mornings, especially, he will twist and turn and roll until he lies still for some petting; he particularly likes to have the back of his neck rubbed. Then he is up and writhing in happiness again. It’s similar to Renn’s acrobatics of delight at bath-time. But Kola will often decide that enough is enough, and he will then swat my hand away.

Another of his characteristics is his wonder at running water. I don’t know that he was ever let into a washroom before, or if he had been, if he had had the opportunity to watch water flow from a tap. Unlike Renn, however, and my big boy’s serious study of the motion of fluids, Kola considers the movement of water principally from a viewpoint of drinking it. Every time I enter the bathroom - and I mean every time - I will hear an abrupt “er”, and a second later a little fuzzy head will appear around a corner.

How quickly they learn. Kola knows that water doesn’t run of its own accord. (Well, it does, but he likely has never seen a brook.) He understands that the human he’s living with can make the water fall from the tap, and so whenever the human goes to the room where the water lives, Kola eagerly comes to get a drink. Thank goodness he still drinks from a bowl, as well. I don’t want my newest foster-cat picking up Tungsten’s bad habit, and refusing on principle to consume standing water.

Tucker continues to try to bully Kola, running at him now and then. Nothing serious has occurred since the battle the aftermath of which I found when I came home weeks ago. Kola stays locked in the parlour while I am sleeping or away from home, even when I have a shower in the downstairs shower-room. The roly poly one has taken advantage of just a few minutes’ absence on my part. His behaviour may change or it may not. It is inconvenient, and not fun for Kola, who sits at the window of the parlour each morning and watches me leave for work, knowing that it will be hours and hours before I return to free him.

But at least he is healthy and, I believe, content. What he needs for his happiness, though, is a permanent home of his own, maybe one with an easy-going cat, ready to make friends. And a dripping tap would be nice, too.


  1. The boys are sending purrs that Kola finds his right human and home sooner than later. Perhaps with a ceramic fountain too. :-)

  2. Kola is such a beautiful cat. I know I am biased because I think all cats are beautiful but the his markings are just gorgeous. I hope a forever and ever home is his soon.

  3. We here are so glad that you have given Kola such a wonderful foster home. We are sending purrs and prayers that he will find his furrever home again soon too.
    Marty and Mom

  4. He is a handsome kitty! We hope he finds home soon. You've obviously done a great job with him, running water notwithstanding!!

  5. Kola is definitely a beautiful boy! I hope he finds his forever home soon.

    I've been away from blogging for a few days so missed the early posts about Cammie and Josie. Congrats to Josie, her photo shoot is marvelous! I hope Cammie keeps making good progress. She too, is obviously a very special girl.

  6. Kola sure is one handsome boy. He has such pretty furs. Glad he is sort of getting along with everyone. We hope he finds a home really soon too.

  7. Kola seems like such a sweet and charming boy. And he's so handsome! You are going to have to interview his applicants in depth because he is so beautiful everyone will want him even if they can't give him what you want for him. We'll keep him in our prayers.

  8. Ele é um gato muito bonito e parece que tem um bom temperamento, espero que ele encontre uma família amorosa e com uma torneira pingando.

  9. He is just lovely! Meow, from Jessica and Eileen

  10. We have no water kitties except Rumpy and his protege do like to watch the flush.
    He is one fine bit of cat flesh and I am surprised no one has taken him for their own.

    1. I am surprised, too. But who knows what the next day will bring.