Monday, September 16, 2013


Tucker is by far the most sensitive cat I have, probably the most sensitive I’ve met. He doesn’t take change well; he especially dislikes the arrival of new cats.

Cammie, ironically, is less of a challenge to him than is Bear-Bear. Despite her distrust of all my beasts, the new guest-girl does not go after the others (at least not often) and is more frequently at odds with Renn than with Tucker. Bear-Bear, who gets along with almost every cat, has picked on Tucker due to the latter’s position at the bottom of the totem pole. Neither the roly poly one nor the BB wants to be there, so there is some unfriendly competition over the next higher spot.

This has been reported previously. Now, things are improving very slightly. Twice now, I have caught Tucker not moving away when Bear-Bear has been near him. Nearness is of course a relative term. (Alpha Centauri is the nearest star to our own, yet is more than 25,000,000,000 miles away; it’s relatively close.) I do not expect Tucker to allow the BB to get within striking distance any time soon, and there is certainly far for them to go, but better times must start somewhere.

I dislike subjecting Tucker to changes, but he comes through each one, as most cats do. He remains a cheerful little fellow, still ambling over to me continually to rub his fuzzy melon-head against me, to let me know I retain his affection, despite the cats I keep introducing to the household. His loud purrs are a comfort to me. He may deeply feel the disadvantages of life, but he feels the joys just as deeply.

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  1. Tucker you are a very cute softie, and you look very comfortable. We can tell you enjoy sleeping, and good on you for being easy going.