Monday, September 16, 2013

Now, That Is Unusual

What you see in the picture above is indeed unusual. Tungsten and Josie have come a long way from their first days together when they fought like cat and dog. (As cat-owners know, cats and cats will often fight more viciously than any cat and dog, but I’m a traditionalist and must go with the established simile.) But they cannot be termed friends. They will sometimes lie next to each other on the bed at night, but that’s only because both want a particular spot and won’t move because the other wants a spot near by.

In the daylight, however, things are different and my Chubs likes her space. She is not one who enjoys other cats coming up for a sniff or snoozing next to her. Yet, here she was, beside the orange one. I had seen Josie in the armchair earlier, so I think Tungsten jumped up to join her. Or, rather, Tungsten jumped up to lie on the chair’s cushion and Josie was already there. Tungsten likes sleeping in the armchair these days, so it was simply a matter of putting up with the Great White. What surprises me is that the latter stayed.

Yes, what you see is unusual. And I’m not so much of a traditionalist that I can’t stand this kind of change.


  1. That is so great when they are almost friends. I just never know who is going to snuggle with who around here. Great picture. Take care.

  2. awww - that is a cute picture too. we are weird about sharing space too.....last night Oliver wanted some attention and curled up with Tim - who rather than get up just moaned and groaned about it. ;)