Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Josie's Tribe

I have often thought Josie’s tail to be of an interesting pattern. Several people have told me that they’ve not seen the like elsewhere. It is rare, I believe, but not unique. You will notice that it is grey (the only grey portion on her body) with black rings, and a thick black line the length of it, on top.

What I have found fascinating is that there is a cat in Ontario with an identical tail. This is Finnick, a neighbour of Kim, who owns a couple of blogs. These pictures come from “Musings on a Small Life” (which may be accessed from my side-bar.) She kindly allowed me to reproduced these photographs to show how Finnick’s tail resembles Josie's. What is especially interesting, I think, is that this mancat has similar colour to Josie’s, as well. I can’t make it out in the image, but I suspect that the patch on his head is a dark tabby mark, and not straight black. The rest of him is white, like Josie. Incidentally, Finnick, too, has goopy eyes.

My question relates to the possibility that the unusual tail markings may go with the colouring on the rest of the body. Do cats of creamy-white fur (in some light rather like the ivory hue of a polar bear) with tabby patches have a genetic predisposition to that particular tail? Accompanying this question is a second: are they all chubby?


  1. Tim and Tom here both have a majority of white on their bodies and ringed tails. But they are both about 12 pounds. :)

  2. Josie has a fine tail. I've never actually really looked closely at Finn's, probably because he comes right up and throws himself down at me, hoping I'll give him treats again. (I've stopped doing that.) Next time I see him I'll look more intently at his tail!

  3. josie....frank lee....we due knot see any ...chubby !! ♥♥♥

  4. Cat tails are magnificent things! Endlessly fascinating . Tell Josie we admire her lovely tail and do give her a kiss from us.