Thursday, October 6, 2016

She Was Asking For It

I’ve written before about the progress Cammie has made during her time with me. I wish I could claim credit for how much she has grown used to the things most cats do or have done to them, but I believe that with patience and affection, she would have responded similarly to anyone. This fact will not stop me from advertising new things that she does.

The princess loves to lie on my chest, where she purrs, moves to face one way, then the next, walk around and come back, seemingly enjoying herself the whole while. But for the first time, just this week, Cammie asked to lie on my chest.

I walked into the bedroom and Cammie, who was on the cat-tree looking out the window, jumped to a lower platform and started talking to me in her squeaking, staccato speech. She was leaning over the edge of the platform and definitely wanted me to do something. I guessed what it was. I lie down and she hurried over to get on my chest.

The way cats decide they want time with their humans is interesting and heart-warming. We can decide to spend a while petting them or playing with them, but now and then, they make the decision. They show that they like us and trust us. It’s why whenever Tucker ambles over from across the room to brush up against me; Josie wraps her rat-tail around my leg; Renn crawls up toward me when I wake in the middle of the night, or Cammie wants time to purr on my chest, I acknowledge them, and let them know I appreciate their efforts. They are, after all, telling us that they appreciate ours.


  1. I get squeked at if I am on the couch too long and Miss Pops wants my spot. She will also come up and claw at the covers if she wants me to lift them so she can crawl between the quilts and sleep between my knees.

  2. That's so sweet, John. She is such a beautiful girl.

  3. This is such a heartwarming post! It fills me with happiness. Cammie loves and trusts you and this is a blessing beyond belief for this sad, misunderstood cat. Don't sell yourself short. To her, you are someone extraordinarily special. You gave her the love she needed to find herself again . God bless you.
    (My late Siamese , Coco, always used to love to lay on my chest and purr and drool. Must be a meezer thing. )

  4. That is very sweet. She knows what she wants and that you will give it.
    Flynn also likes to lie on my chest. If I am on my side he will keep walking over me and head butting me until I turn onto my back. Then he will lie on me and purr for about 2 minutes before turning around so I get a face full of butt for the next hour. He is often still in that position when I wake up again.

  5. To paraphrase a saying: "Saving an animal may not mean the world, but it will mean the world to that animal." It sounds like that's the case with you and Cammie. God bless you, John!

  6. Kari's comment is wonderful.

    I don't think Nicki ever has lain on me, but Derry certainly likes to snuggle, his preference being to lie on my head, with a paw in my eye. I think I'd prefer Cammie's choice!