Friday, February 17, 2017

The Next Stage

Parker continues his attempts to befriend Renn. Earlier this week, I thought he had gone too far.

My big boy was lying in the saddle of the taller cat-tree in the bedroom. Parker was on the ledge under the window, peering outside. Renn had no problem with this situation; he had acquiesced in it on previous occasions. I, for my part, felt no qualms in leaving them alone.

But when I was in the sitting room, I heard a screeching, squealing, yowling fracas, and hurried into the bedroom to find Renn lying in the cat-tree, his ears back, his fangs bared - and rather miffed. Parker was huffing and puffing - which he does when he is worked up - off to the side. I immediately started talking to the two boys, petting them and trying to calm them down.

I have no idea what caused such a commotion, though I have a clue from the fact that Renn was angry and upset, while Parker was startled and almost contrite. I believe that, recalling how he had lie down next to Renn on the sitting room couch the previous day, Parker thought it only natural to do so on the cat-tree. After all, Renn had voiced little objection on the couch, right? Well, climbing into a saddle of a cat-tree, which is filled already with a large cat, a large cat nervous about the proximity of another, newer cat, is rather different than lying beside him on a couch. This was not a fight; there was no fur flung, there were no injuries. I did think, however, that any possibility of friendship between Renn and Parker was over.

The next day, however, I was relaxing on the couch in the sitting room. Renn was in the opposite corner, just a foot and a half away. Parker jumped up on to my lap. I was just a stepping stone, however: a few minutes later, the orange fellow slipped off and lie down next to Renn. My big boy stayed.

As may be seen from the accompanying photograph, Renn was hardly comfortable with the situation. Parker, on the other hand, seemed to think things were quite pleasant. The promising aspect is that I left after about ten minutes, and both cats remained for another ten. Renn dropped to the floor after that, with no fuss.

Clearly, he is willing to tolerate Parker’s closeness under certain circumstances. Under others, he growls at him. But that doesn’t concern me too much; I am less discouraged by such behaviour than I am encouraged by the fact that the two will lie together, touching each other, even after a melée like the one in the cat-tree saddle. The sitting room couch seems a neutral ground, and I will foster further attempts at agreement there, as well as at other locations that seem to exert a positive influence. Who knows where the next stage to friendship will be?


  1. Sorry 'bout da tussle but sounds like things are actually goin' well. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  2. when sauce was still here, there'd be all out war if either him or tuna occupied the top cat bunk and the other invaded the territory...I guess it was a... your invading my purrsonal space issue; much like we get if someone's "in our face" !!!

    guyz...heerz two a uaru kinda week oh end; himz act shoo a lee a prette awesum fish; see ya twoozday ! ♥♥♥

  3. Oh, I thought, from reading this, that things had really taken a bad turn, but obviously Renn, while not happy, was not so upset as to move right away (from the couch). I do feel a bit sorry for Parker, though--he obviously just wants to fit in and be friends, poor love.

  4. Poor Parker. He is trying so hard to be friends with Renn. A momcat teaches her kittens what behavior is permissible. It sounds like perhaps Renn is trying to show Parker that his behavior has certain limitations.

  5. Poor Renn! He doesn't understand that Parker really likes him and wants to be his buddy. My late Siamese, Coco, the one that growled at me and fought hatefully with my other cats when i first adopted him, eventually became deeply bonded to an a shyer, insecure cat named Thomas. The were inseparable. I suspect Renn will eventually bond with Parker ,maybe just not as fast as Parker would like.

    1. That gives me encouragement. I would like very much to see Parker and Renn become pals.

  6. Parker is a sweetie. That is nice of Renn to tolerate him on the couch.

  7. Poor Renn, it can't be easy to allow Parker to hang out with him, but hopefully he'll come to see that having a friend to snuggle with is a good thing!

  8. and I hope there is ultimately friendship. Poor Rent. Poor Parker too really but they are doing marvelously well thanks to your excellent management.