Thursday, July 12, 2018

Adah at Ten - Weeks, That Is

Little Adah is about ten weeks old now. Her ringworm is still with her, but is receding. Her treatment is continuing, and will for a while. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer her for adoption for some time yet. The rescue-group with which I work will be facilitating the adoption of the kittens with Adah. Except for the diminishing fungus, they are all healthy.

Adah now weighs 1.02 kilograms. Two other kittens weigh about the same, while another pair are heavier at about 1.3 kilograms. But Adah has put on weight, is assertive and strong, and has grown into her ears somewhat.

I visited them a few days ago, and returned with photographs. Most of mine did not turn out, as the kittens were active, running about, playing and generally not standing still. The pictures I took are not as good as those taken by a friend who was with me. Her images are the superior ones and look like portraits, and so they will be used. Along with re-newing your acquaintance with our girl, please meet Harold and Buddy, Lady, and Adah’s pal, Tucker.

This is Adah now.


Buddy, who looks much like Harold but whose white forehead blaze is broader.



Adah wrestling with either Harold or Buddy.

Adah and Buddy

Adah, with Tucker pretending to kill Harold. We think he’s pretending…

Things are progressing well and, though it is disappointing that their treatment will keep the kittens from being open for adoption at their current age, we figure they will be available before they are four months old. Also, Miss Mew, the doting surrogate-mother, is now relieved of nursing duties. Though she misses her foster-kittens, she will be able to receive greater doses of anti-ringworm medicine more often, and therefore will recover more quickly. She is already well on the way to recovered health.


  1. Such adorableness! Glad all are recovering from the ringworm!

  2. that fungus is annoying....but they all look great. we bet you had a fun visit

  3. adah......look at ewe N yur bee ewe tee fullz self !!! ewe iz gettin big !!! sorree de nastee wermz still hangin round; hope full lee next time ya post it will be hizz tor ree ~~~~~ wavez two yur friendz; they iz a most gorgeouz N handsum crew ♥♥♥☺☺

  4. Thank you for the update on Adah. She has turned into a real beauty. However, I will admit falling in love with Tucker. He is sooo cute! I must say that I have deep respect and admiration for foster parents. God bless them! I couldn't do it. I'd be a "foster failure". I'd be unable to give the kittens up. I'd want to keep them all.

    1. There was something about Buddy that particularly called to me. Those eyes!

      I'd be a disaster as a foster mom, for that same reason. Once, I took in the cat of friends of mine for the summer. (They were spending three months in Europe.) When they returned, it was so painful to give up the cat, because she had become part of the family!

    2. Thank you for your comment. I understand how you feel completely.

  5. Oh, man. I want to scoop them all up and take them home.

  6. Great news that Adah and the other fosters are doing so much better. I certain, in time, they'll all find their forever homes.

  7. What wonderful pictures! Thanks for the update. I could never foster, too hard to part with them.

  8. What sweeties - they are all adorable. Your friend has taken some good photos - maybe she could give us all some photography tips!.

  9. OMC!!!! The kitten cuteness is overwhelming! Wonderful photos,thanks for sharing them. 😺

  10. They are all growing so well and looking adorable.