Monday, January 18, 2016

Cammie Uses the Computer

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their wishes for the success of Josie's surgery tomorrow. I will keep readers apprised of developments.

In the meantime, the beasts and I are still getting used to the new apartment, though we have settled in very well. One of the aspects of a new home for a cat-owner is to provide as many benefits for his furry friends as possible. To me, this means giving them much external entertainment and many internal comforts.

In terms of the latter, there are of course the cat-trees and cat-beds placed about the new home. The animals certainly take advantage of the human furniture, too. But there are unexpected spots which they may find enjoyable.

In the house, my computer was on a small round table in the parlour. I had a desk which was designed for a computer, but it was kept in the basement library, and was used for writing in the heat of the summer. I did not have the space for it in the parlour, though it was more convenient and attractive than the round table. The latter was sold before the move, and the desk has been given its rightful place as a repository for my computer.

The desk has a tall space on its right for the bulk of a vertical computer. Mine, however, is cubic and does not fit there. It instead rests satisfactorily to the right of the monitor, and the space meant for a computer is empty.

Or it was. In my quest to give the cats as many places as possible in which to snooze, I put a folded towel in the spot and waited. First, Josie explored the recess, but did not stay. Cammie thought it adequate for her size, though, and curled up there. She has done this just once so far, but she knows the space is there whenever she likes, another little zone in which to retreat from the stresses of the world - such as the other cats, or not being comfortable enough elsewhere. Whatever the reason, I was happy to see the princess use the spot; I think she may know how better to utilize computers than I do…


  1. That's a great little hideaway spot for her, or for anyone else.

    We're continuing to send purrs to Josie for tomorrow!

  2. Cammie looks very happy in her new found space!

  3. Magnificent! Isn't this wonderful! Cammie looks so comfy and settled in her personally sized space. I love seeing her happy. It delights me no end. ( I still am brought to tears When I think of her awful adoption adventure. ) Everything seems to we working out beautifully for the cats. We hope the same can be said for you.
    (Make sure your vet gives you a good pain medication for Josie. Cats hide their pain well and you may not be able to tell she is hurting. )

  4. A folded towel makes most spots into a good bed. Good wishes sent for Josie.

  5. She is a clever girl. Miss Pops will sleep where she wants, and chooses somewhere new every week.

  6. purrs for Josie....

    that looks like a great spot - out of the way, comfy, very nice :)