Saturday, July 8, 2017

Excuse Me, Do You Have Anything Warmer?

Tucker’s photo session went well – after I bribed him with treats. I will show the results when they are sent to me. As regards buying the calendar, I will put the information for its acquisition on the side of this blog early next week. Though the calendar has yet to be printed, copies may be ordered at any time now.

In the meanwhile, days are uncomfortable here. The temperature right now is 32˚ Celsius (89.6˚ Fahrenheit) and is expected to reach 37˚C (98.6˚F) next week. That’s body temperature. And, but for one day, it is not predicted to fall below 31˚C at any time during the daylight hours for the next two weeks. It is my opinion that that counts as excessive. Still, we do not suffer the humidity that other parts of the country do, such as southern Ontario. On the other hand, it is not in human nature to think, when one is being beaten with a piece of plywood, ‘at least it’s not a rock’. So I will continue to grumble.

I, and many others, have mentioned numerous times how our cats will sometimes defy the heat and lie in its midst, and the next moment run for the coolest shade they can find. Here is an example of the latter, a photograph taken while I was making the bed. The comforter, usually at the foot of the bed, has been discarded - though someone found it cosy.


  1. Can't wait to see the photographic results!

  2. We're glad the photo shoot went well!

    That looks like Josie in there...what a cute photo!

  3. Yes, we kitties love snuggling up in anything cloth!

  4. Fahrenheit, not Celsius, of course. Argh, the heat's baked my brain.

  5. If it's there it has to be made use of, even if it is hot. Eric and Flynn would still use their plant pots in the middle of summer even though there are many shady spots in the garden.
    We are still having it unusually hot, mid 80s instead of mid 60s and the humidity is 90%+ every day. (95% today).

    1. That doesn't sound like English weather - but then, weather is changing everywhere these days.

  6. Glad the photo shoot went well. My dog will do anything for a treat, but my cats couldn't care less. So hard to bribe them.
    Josie looks quite comfortable even if it's hot out! She looks even more beautiful amongst all that white on white!

  7. Nothing beats cuddling into something of dad's.

  8. I'm so glad Tucker's photo shoot went well, and I'm looking forward to seeing his pictures. I can sympathize with the hot weather you've been having. Our weather has been consistently in the upper 80's to the low 90's and very humid. The cats have parked themselves in front of the air conditioner.

  9. I am looking forward to seeing Tucker's photos. Pin-up boy. Temperatures are quite comfortable here - for humans and cats. I haven't needed air-conditioning yet this year. We hope things cool down a bit for you.