Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cammie's Cup

When Cammie lost her sight, I tried to make living as easy and convenient for her as possible. Among my actions were to place a small bowl, a cup, really, on a shelf of my desk close to the floor in a corner of the bedroom, near Cammie’s heated cat-bed. After numerously directing her attention to it, by tapping the bowl and stating ‘water’, she soon found it – probably through smell, and not my efforts. She resorted to it all the time; it was just a step or two from her favourite napping spot.

When Cammie died, I removed the bowl. There were six others in the apartment, two in the bedroom alone. No one was suffering from water-deprivation.

But when I started to notice Josie’s slower movements and considered the possibility of arthritis or other discomfort affecting her joints, I decided to replace the little bowl. To my satisfaction, my Chubs has begun to drink from it, quite as often as she does from the bowl placed on the ledge below the window above, or the large one by the door. If the Great White is taking her ease on the floor, or a lower platform of a cat-tree, it is a much easier route to a drink than having to climb for one. Renn, too, likes the bowl, from which he had now and then surreptitiously drunk when Cammie was alive.

Now, Cammie’s cup comes close to running dry each day, and is actually drained of water, if I am not on top of things. Renn drinks infrequently but deeply, while Josie finds herself thirsty several times a day. I am pleased that they are using the cup, though I doubt that my princess would be as delighted. I can hear her hiss and growl, bumping into the interlopers daring to drink from her little well. After all, it is Cammie’s cup but, perhaps, she will forgive me for loaning it to her siblings.


  1. Oh I think the Princess wouldn't mind sharing now, after all, she talked you into putting it back.

  2. I wonder if they drink from it *because* it was Cammie's, and essentially off limits before (at least as far as Cammie was concerned).

    Or maybe it's just a preferred location. 🙂

  3. From the very beautiful place where she is now, I think the Princess is pleased that “Cammie’s Cup” is so popular.

    I’m sure she sees it as a tribute.

  4. I agree with Undine. I think Cammie is pleased that her housemates enjoy using her cup. After all, it's her legacy to them.

  5. Ah! Bless! That's really lovely..! :).
    And Ren, looking round as if to ask..
    'is it o.k. to use Dad'.
    And, yes, Cammie would be well pleased
    it's being used now..! :o).

  6. The Princess sees that her edicts still carry the same weight in the households and she is pleased. No doubt about it.

  7. I like the photo of Josie looking up at the camera. She has such a sweet face.

  8. You get to enjoy lovely Cammie memories while watching the othe
    cats take a sip or two. I do believe every cat I have had likes the
    taller "drinking glass" when getting water. Probably easier to lap
    and swallow. Anything to make life easier on the kitties.

  9. Cammie was quite the character. Perhaps she'd be pleased to know that her cup remains in place, even if she wouldn't be so happy to know others are using it.
    I do agree with Lynn, we do what we can to ensure their lives are made easier as they age.

  10. I think that Cammie would be pleased to know that the others are drinking from her cup, and therefore keeping memories of her.

  11. If a cat will drink from it, then it's a good thing!

  12. are forgiven ~~~~~~~ love; cammie ♥♥♥