Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introducing Marilyn

I would not normally use this space for ‘advertising’, as it were, but it’s in a good cause. All the cats I have came from the Lethbridge PAW Society, a cat rescue organisation here in Lethbridge, Alberta. They have a large number of cats available for adoption but their most pressing need right now is for foster-homes. All PAW cats are lodged temporarily in volunteers’ homes. That’s an advantage of the PAW Society: with cats living twenty-four hours a day with people, those volunteers can describe each of the cats to prospective adopters.

However, this little beauty needs a new home - even a temporary foster-home. This is Marilyn. She’s black and white, with short hair, and is the softest, quietest, most undemanding cat you’ll meet. That is the problem in her foster-home. The other cats are a bit too much for her. They aren’t bullies, and they don’t attack her, but she is cowed by them, and must keep to herself. That’s not good for any cat.

It’s certainly not Marilyn’s fault. Anyone with two or more cats will know just what I’m writing about: sometimes two animals just don’t get along. My Tungsten and Josie fought when they first met - no one’s fault? Well, maybe Tungsten’s in that case... Tungsten wouldn’t tolerate Josie for months. Marilyn is too shy to stick up for herself, and so can’t enjoy herself in what is otherwise an excellent environment.

So if anyone in the Lethbridge area is interested in fostering Marilyn - or better yet, adopting her - please contact the PAW Society at 403-328-6700. Visit PAW’s website at to learn more about Marilyn, and all the other wonderful animals available for life-long companionship.


  1. Poor Marilyn! We understand...Annie and Nicki were like oil and water, every day for almost four years until Annie had to be helped to the Bridge 14 weeks ago today. (The mom misses her desperately, but admits she doesn't miss the growling and hissing and spats.)

    We'll cross our paws that Marilyn finds a wonderful forever home (or even appropriate foster home) ASAP!

  2. we don't do Facebook or Twitter, but if you have an account, we suggest posting her there too. Also posting this in the news comments section of the Cat Blogosphere. Most kitties are in the US and overseas, but you never know...someone might know someone, etc.

  3. Oh, Marilyn! I wish I could help her! We have two PAW cats of our own who still don't get along after two years, so they have to stay split apart. The humans are the ones who circulate in the space to ensure everyone has an overabundance of love.

    I hope little Marilyn can relax soon and purr up a little storm!