Friday, December 2, 2022

The Patience of a Big Brother

Sometimes, it’s not easy being a big brother. Then again, there are those who seem born for that rĂ´le, those who have the patience to make the most trying of experiences tolerable, even pleasant, for the littlest members of their families. I think Horace is one of those born big brothers.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Surgery II: the Sequel

I will be having more surgery next week. It is for a similar reason as the first, in the spring, though it is in a slightly different location of the body. This little difficulty revealed itself suddenly, and not so long ago; it has not been as troublesome as the first: the pain of the earlier problem was excruciating, when it occurred, though it was rare. This pain is much less, but more frequent, of greater duration and of a wider variety.

Unlike the first, I could see living with this, despite the fact that there is always some discomfort. However, the condition will not improve, and will need to be attended to eventually. I was very lucky in my timing. Given a referral to a surgeon (the same one as the last time), I thought it might be a longish wait to see him. A cancellation, however, brought me to his consulting room within two weeks. I went to see him Tuesday morning. When surgery was agreed upon, it was predicted to be in four to six weeks, about the same calculation as for my first operation. But that very afternoon, I was called and asked if I would like the surgery a week from Thursday (that is, seven days from now.) I of course responded that my delight would know no bounds if I could be cut open and have my internal organs re-arranged so soon. So I go to the hospital on December 8th. I thought that if I didn’t avail myself of this opportunity, life might not grant this ingrate another for several months.

I don't really care for sequels; they are never as good as the original. This will mean another fortnight off work, which is not a bad proposition, while the accompanying discomfort, and not being able to clean, bicycle, bathe (showering is acceptable) or lift anything will be very regrettable. Football of course is right out. The best thing about the whole procedure, though, is that I will have more time with the beasts…

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Watcher

I was putting towels away in a cupboard, and apparently my activities were of some interest to a cat who had been reclining on some boxes in the hall…

Monday, November 28, 2022

It's a Matter of Taste

We had a short but sharp snowstorm yesterday in my part of the country. It didn’t last long, but the drop in temperatures that accompanied it has remained. The beasts in the Cosy Apartment settled in to their choice of warm, snug spots and slept the day away.

Renn usually prefers the saddle-topped cat-tree, above the hot-water pipes…

Neville may now be found on the carpeted top level of the taller sitting room cat-tree…

Hector likes the bed, up against the pillow…

As does Zofia…

And then there’s this guy. Horace selected the unpadded box-lid on the floor. Well, he does have the integrated padding for both warmth and cushioning, but still…

Thursday, November 24, 2022

On Min's Cat-tree

Minuet didn’t have the chance to use her cat-tree as much as I had hoped she would. She did climb it and lie on its platforms; I recall with pleasure seeing her snooze on its highest level. But illness and death overtook her before she could enjoy it more fully.

The cats who remain do like Min’s cat-tree, however. This is the case particularly with the younger beasts. They seem to favour the top-most platform, probably for its lofty sensation of security and, of course, superiority.

Madame would probably not have minded her roommates using her tree. She had grown quite tolerant of the others toward the end of her stay in the Cosy Apartment. Unless a cat were coming directly toward her, she didn’t mind reasonable proximity. I am glad that has granted tacit permission for her fellow felines to enjoy her cat-tree.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Their Doctor's Visit

Hector and Zofia went to the doctor yesterday. There was nothing that we thought wrong with them, but the rescue-group needed to have Hector’s booster-shot given and Zofia’s first vaccination.

It was not a happy journey. Hector, who can be quite brave when picking on Horace, yowled in his carrier the whole journey. He eventually was reduced to a strange honking sound, like a goose. I thought the poor fellow would hyperventilate. Little Miss Zed was quiet, but afraid.

The examinations that accompanied the injections went well. Hec has some tartar that will have to be addressed, but not right away. As someone remarked, it seems that every stray we rescue has dental issues. Otherwise, the little Turk is doing well. He is at an excellent weight, though keeping this gourmand at it will not be easy.

It was revealed that Zofia has a kind of floating patella in each of her rear legs. This bone is behind the knee. When the kitten stands suddenly, she sometimes must wait for the bone to slip back into place; I have seen her arch her back and hop a bit when rising from a still position, but thought it was just a sign of her stretching, or accommodating stiffness. This condition is not common but not entirely rare, either; it causes no pain at the moment, but her weight, too, will be a concern. Too many pounds will aggravate the condition in years to come, and could lead to arthritis.

However, Zofia is doing well. She and her big brother took their injections without flinching and, though Hector repeated his raucous crying on the way home, their evening was uneventful, and they have apparently suffered no ill effects from the shots. They played, ate and snoozed, the rest of their day no worse for their doctor’s visit.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Movies to Look Up To

It’s always interesting to see how the beasts react to the movies I watch on Saturday night. Zofia is by far the most interested in the films – or, rather, most interested in the moving pictures. When I first wrote about little Miss Zed (was it only five weeks ago that she came to the Cosy Apartment?), Lynn, of Precious’s blog, wondered if Zofia would watch a movie with me that night. The only girlcat in residence doesn’t always stay to view the latest selection on offer, but she does make an appearance to see if the evening’s genre appeals to her. Last night it did.

There was rather more action in the movie than usual, and Zofia was captivated by the helicopter flying through a scene. She may have thought it a giant bird. Whatever she imagined, her attention was glued to the screen for as long as the aircraft was present. Maybe aerial adventure is her preferred subject. The Dawn Patrol, perhaps?