Sunday, May 15, 2022

A Cat for All Seasons

Minuet is doing very well following her bout of diarrhea. In fact, she has entered into the spirit of spring. After at least a month of ignoring her cat-tree, she has taken to climbing it again, often lying down on a mid-level step that gives her a fine view through library door, or relaxing on the carpetted top of the bookcase under the window, where she can see outside.

Min also spends less time in her little corner, less time on her heated blanket. She uses Tucker’s Tuffet to step up onto the library couch to snooze there; indeed, she spent last night on the couch. She even kept me company through the movie last evening. I like that because I can pet her without having to compact myself into her corner to spend time with her. Instead, she lie near me for an hour and a half, sometimes sleeping, sometimes wanting her peach-fuzz fur stroked.

She has even ventured out of the library all together more. I just missed taking a photograph of her in the sitting room with the three boys. I was able to get a couple of her leaving, after giving Hector what-for.

This change may be due to the progress of the seasons. Though the spring here has been rather cool, it is noticeable, and, in the past, I have seen my cats alter their behaviour with the months, even if we humans can’t perceive much difference in the weather. Then again, a friend wondered if the prescription of anti-biotics Madame received recently helped clear up something other than her more obvious diarrhea-causing infection.

Nonetheless, as she came to me in the depths of winter, it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the seasons as they come and go, and whether or not Minuet continues her new behaviour, she seems to be enjoying the wider parameters offered by the spring.

Saturday, May 14, 2022


I realise that my readers are probably becoming surfeited with all that I’ve been writing about myself lately, but since I shared with you the various activities of surgeons and anaesthetists in regard to my recent operation, I thought I would announce that a small milestone has been reached in my recovery. This evening, I am able to have a bath once more.

Restricted thus far to showers because of the weakening effects of immersion on stitches, a consultation with my surgeon this week resulted in the welcome news that I may once again bathe horizontally. This, as some of you may know, constitutes a most relaxing portion of my Saturday night, and a prologue to the later viewing of a movie, also habitually on Saturday nights.

It will still be a few weeks until I can ride my bicycle. The surgeon stated that I could have a “leisurely” bike-ride now. There is no “leisurely” bike-ride in my part of the world, where strong winds are the norm, and pedaling is likely the equivalent of some sort of competitive weight-lifting.

Nonetheless, a bath is a good sign of continued healing, even if it is interrupted by this little fellow, who seems to like the sound of water running into a tub…

Friday, May 13, 2022

Chin Up, Renn

The rule in the Cosy Apartment is that when one cat recovers from an ailment, another must take its place. Minuet continues to improve (she actually climbed her cat-tree last night, which she hasn’t done in some time) but Renn went to the veterinary yesterday.

It was more of an inquiry than a real worry on my part. I had noticed, strangely, that my big boy’s chin seemed more prominent than it had been; a friend had thought so, too. I wondered if Renn’s jaw had started protruding. It could also have been simply a matter of perception: his face had always been large and wide, but he has been losing muscle mass over the last little while, and the chin may simply have started to look bigger. There was also the matter of Renn’s periodic drooling, which seemed not to be connected with happiness or hunger or sickness.

His chin’s appearance turned out to be mostly harmless. Though only fifteen, Renn seems to be aging as would an older cat, and has lost some of the breadth and depth of his once fleshy face. His chin and jaw are fine, though they indicate his advancing age (thus, it is ‘mostly’ harmless: getting old always comes with some damage.) But it was discovered that one of his teeth is in bad shape, and the doctor is sure that it is causing my big boy some pain. This would account for the drooling.

I will make an appointment for a dental procedure for Renn. I will try to get him in early next week. There will be a pre-surgical blood panel performed, though the doctor doesn’t think there need be a full series of tests; those were done relatively recently. I received an estimate for the cost, which will be substantial. But it needs to be done. My friend still has years ahead of him, I hope, and a right to enjoy them in comfort and ease.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Solid Progress

The anti-biotic I have been giving to Minuet since Monday seems to be working. Today, I returned home, opened the door of the library, in which Min had been locked – and which the other beasts had been locked out of – to find a splendid example of healthy poop in the litter-box.

I was surprised that it was in such a good condition, considering how liquidy Minuet’s deposits had been just a couple of days ago. Today’s was what I wanted to see. It appeared a trifle softer than tits counterparts had been a few weeks ago, but that I don’t mind: I had considered Madame’s feces to be rather too hard, anyway. They may return to that state, but as long as they come firm and shaped, I will be happy.

I am not so complacent as to think there may not be set-backs, and I am certainly not going to cease giving Minuet her medicine before the time set by her veterinary. Even so, I am optimistic. This is at the least a good sign. Such a poop is indeed solid progress.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Treatment, Day One

Minuet has received some anti-biotics for her diarrhea. There wasn’t much else that could be done at this point, considering she was examined on Saturday and everything found to be in order, except, of course, the symptoms that brought her to the hospital. It’s felt that she has an infection. She was given her first dose of medicine this evening; she didn’t like it, and there are nine more doses to go, spread over five days.

One of the side-effects of the medicine may be a loss of appetite. That isn’t what Min needs right now but neither is it a certainty; if it happens, it should last only as long as the anti-biotics do. She did eat well today, and I intend to leave her food with her tonight, which I generally don’t do. She can nibble whenever she feels like it.

I will probably isolate her in the library each day. This will allow me to see what she has left in the litter-boxes and what she has eaten from her bowls, without the interference of certain other animals. I will keep everyone apprised of Madame’s condition.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Still Sick

Minuet is still not feeling well. She hasn’t thrown up since yesterday, before her veterinary visit, though I don’t know if that is a progression in her illness or the work of the Cerenia she received at the hospital (if it is the latter, she may vomit further after the injection wears off.) Another change is that she is not drinking as much water as yesterday, when she ambled from bowl to bowl, taking in a few laps at each.

She is not eating on her own, so I am syringe-feeding Recovery-and-water to her every couple of hours. Her poop is very liquidy, and reddish, which concerns me. I will be considering another veterinary visit if there is no improvement in Madame’s condition in the next few days.