Saturday, April 30, 2022

The Lurker

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the concern over Renn. He has been fine since his episode, and is eating as well as Renn eats. I think we can expect such alarms from time to time, perhaps increasing as he ages. But we will see them through in each instance.

On the oblique subject of food, let me introduce the Lurker. You may know him better as Hector Fortescue. In his never ending quest for more food, the Lurker has discovered that Minuet, the very old lady who lives in the library, is not only fed separately from the other cats, but more often, though in smaller amounts. Of interest to the Lurker is Madame’s small amount of soft-food, received in her special dish and served in bed. This is not only for her comfort but for the food’s security, the Lurker being frightened of Minuet’s fearsome cries. Therefore, he waits patiently until Min leaves to explore, or to drink from one of the distant water-bowls she favours. Then down he swoops, and within seconds, any remnant of food Minuet may have left for later will be gone.

Precautions are being taken against such raids – picking up the bowl when Minuet is finished with it, chasing the Lurker from his hiding spots – but he has cunning, agility and perseverance on his side.

Fortunately, the amounts he manages to seize as prizes are never much. And besides, the accomplishment seems to make him feel good. Even Lurkers need encouragement now and then.

Friday, April 29, 2022

A Tough Night for Renn

Renn had a tough night Wednesday. He threw up four times through the night and early morning. After waiting until he was calm for a while, I gave him a quarter-pill of Cerenia in water, delivered by syringe. Unfortunately, he brought that up almost right away, which is one of the problems with giving a stomach-easing medicine orally. I was ready to take him to the veterinary hospital for an injection.

However, he did not puke any more during the next day, and in the evening was hungry. Everything has stayed down since.

Unlike Neville and Minuet’s digestive difficulties - which I believe I have now sorted out, at least temporarily - I think Renn’s is not caused by food. Food, and its rejection, is merely the strongest symptom. I fear that it is an effect of his slowly deteriorating kidneys, or something worse. In any case, there is little I can do to the cause; the effects, when they occur, I will try to mitigate.

Renn ate quite well yesterday. He has never been a big eater, but he does enjoy his food when he has it, and even when he doesn’t ask for it, I know when he wants it. Such episodes as Wednesday’s are not common but they are hard on my big boy nonetheless, and concerning for me. I will hope and trust that they do not increase in frequency in the years to come.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Open All Night

It’s been a long time since Horace came to dine at Café Cosy. To be honest, it may not be Horace; it may be a friend or relative. But a lone skunk shows up around the apartment building from time to time, and I think it’s the same one. I hope so. I like to think that the menu and atmosphere - and the 24-hour service - at Café Cosy has an appeal that keeps patrons coming back.

(You’ll note Sable in the background by the corner of the fence, waiting for an available table…)

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Her Blanket

I had to wash the teal-coloured blanket that Minuet usually has to lie on in her corner of the library. I replaced it temporarily with several towels and, of course, retained the heating pad under them. They weren’t the same, though: they were flatter, a little harder, and they weren’t Min’s blanket.

When the blanket had been washed and dried, I returned it to its proper place, inserted the heating pad and showed Madame. She stepped onto the blanket and immediately started to knead it, purring. She was glad to have it back. It’s thick and soft, comfy and warm. It’s her blanket.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Springtime for Hector

This weekend brought a real spring day to our part of the country. Though the temperatures are supposed to decrease somewhat later this week, and the skies are predicted to rain, it looks like the new season is at last here, a month after the calendar said it had arrived.

No one in the Cosy Apartment is happier about this than Hector. Though he doesn’t try to get outside, he nonetheless clearly misses some aspects of the wider world, and when the windows and door open to their screens, he hurries over to sniff and watch what he will.

The dark knight spent hours lying by the door to the concrete ditch, comfy on the carpeted ledge or lowest platform of the near by cat-tree, listening to and tracking the birds, watching the neighbours, hearing all the sounds and, no doubt best of all, smelling all the fresh scents of the new springtide.

The trees aren’t even in bud yet, but soon greenery will be everywhere, and early blooms will blossom. And, while pleased to be inside and safe, Hec will be just as pleased to be as much a part of the season as he can, perhaps glad to share the best of both worlds, inside and out.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Glimpses Into Auric's New Life

In pursuance of my duties toward the newsletter of the rescue-group to which I belong, I interview the adopters of the group’s rescued cats after the adoption has been finalised, and then write an article about the adoption. I had the pleasure to hear just yesterday how my recent roommate, Auric, is faring in his new home.

Though the golden boy left the Cosy Apartment a month ago, we like to make certain that cats are a good fit, that every issue – if there is any – is successfully resolved, and that all is well, before an adoption is completed. In Auric’s case, though, I was not in any doubt as to the outcome. He is a naturally friendly fellow, who wants to be pals with whichever human or cat he meets. This doesn’t mean he won’t form a special bond with particular people and animals – I suspect he has already happily given himself to permanence with his person and the resident feline – but Auric will give anyone a chance.

There was very little friction with O’dak, the nine month old Siamese cat in question. He and Auric were soon wrestling, chasing and grooming each other, and sleeping together. Auric seems to like leaping out at O’dak from their nylon tunnel, a favourite tactic he would practice here on Hector – and me.

I hope you enjoy these photographs, glimpses of Auric’s new life, as much as I do.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Not So Lonely Are the Brave

I am quite pleased at how Hector has progressed during his time at the Cosy Apartment. When he first arrived, he was very shy of people. Though he quickly grew accustomed to me – since he and I were together every day; I played with him, fed him and petted him – he was reticent around other humans.

That has changed considerably. I noticed recently that he had few qualms over coming out to greet others in the rescue-group who came to drop items off or pick them up. But today, a stranger came by to collect some things, and my dark knight walked out of the bedroom and right up to her, rubbing against her and receiving pets. He retreated somewhat with sudden movements or noises, but he didn’t run and hide.

This is, of course, significant in terms of his potential adoption. Most people understand that cats in a new setting or with new people, or both, require time to adjust, but if Hector consents to associate with unknown humans right away, this will aid in his transition immensely, and it’s simply good for his morale.

Hec hasn’t had much interest yet, but when his time comes, I think it will find him ready.