Monday, June 14, 2021

One Tooth Less

Portia’s surgery went without a problem. She needed only one tooth removed, though she also received a good cleaning.

Since she has come home, she has been somewhat restless, though this has diminished with the evening. She was hungry, so that may have been part of it. I didn’t want to feed her too much, as she might bring it up again; I think that danger is past now, though, and I will give her a bit more to keep her stomach from growling through the night.

Her restiveness may also be due to the high temperatures we are experiencing. The cats are especially lethargic – it’s hard to tell sometimes in comparison with their usual behaviour – and Portia is spending more than a normal amount of time on the cooler linoleum floors of the dining area and kitchen, instead of on the carpets.  Even so, a stretch on the library couch undoubtedly feels good.

I hope it also feels good to be rid of a troublesome tooth, and to have her gums and other teeth cleansed. Once she recovers from the direct effects of her surgery, I think Portia will be a happier cat.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Once More Unto the Hospital

Due to the matter of logistics, it was decided to take Portia for her dental procedure this week, rather than at some more distant date. My calico guest will be going to the veterinarian once more tomorrow, Monday. I will be on holidays still for another week, thus facilitating her delivery to the hospital, and her collection later in the day, and I will be able to watch her most of my waking hours over the following days, in case of any adverse reaction.

Portia won’t be happy with me, but this appointment will obviate the need for her to go in later, unless something unforeseen comes up. She has to fast tonight – never fun for a cat, who has no idea why she is being starved – but she will be isolated in the library until departure time, making the evening easier on all concerned.

She is in good health, other than her teeth; a senior blood panel will be performed on her, just in case. I expect no problems. Come tomorrow afternoon, then, her second visit to the hospital will be a bad, and mildly sore, memory to her, and she can relax and recover.

Friday, June 11, 2021

My Ostrich

Now and then, my big boy, Renn, likes to relax with his head under the bed. This is a recent development but doesn’t seem to be connected with any discernible change in either Renn or the environment. I’m pretty sure he isn’t looking for anything under the bed, and when I speak to him about it, he surfaces happily, clearly untroubled by indigestion or nausea. When I peer under the bedspread from the other side, I observe that he is fully awake, and not trying to sleep, which he prefers to do on top of the bed, not under it. He doesn’t do this often, so it likely is not actually connected to meals. It may be that he likes the acoustics that he hears in this spot. It may be a smell that appeals to him. Or it may be that he’s messing with me. It’s probably the last.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

A Successful Day

All of my readers’ good thoughts evidently did what was hoped: Portia’s visit to the doctor went well.

My new girl behaved politely and wasn’t in the least combative. She has come a long way since her first week with me. She was weighed; de-wormed (a pre-caution: she probably didn’t need it); vaccinated; given a micro-chip, as well as physically examined. Portia is reckoned to be between eight and ten years of age, her heart and lungs sound healthy, her belly feels good. Her only problem is that her mouth is suffering from some tartar, and a couple of teeth will need to come out. A dental procedure will be scheduled, but this need not be immediate.

When Portia came home, she was let out of the carrier and neither ran nor hid. She retired to the sitting room and cleaned herself. Soon after, she was enjoying dinner with the rest of the beasts. She seems to have decided that the Cosy Apartment is at least better than a veterinary hospital.

Aside from her teeth, Portia’s claws need cutting and, considering she is still growing accustomed to me touching her, I had hoped to tell the veterinary staff to perform the task of trimming, but I forgot. Since everyone’s good wishes succeeded in helping Portia’s doctor’s appointment go smoothly, perhaps similar thoughts may be directed toward improving my memory. That quality, however, may be beyond salvation…

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Portia Goes to Harley Street

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Portia goes to the veterinary for a check-up. As far as her previous person could recall, my new foster-cat never went to the doctor (except to be spayed, one assumes). This will be a novel experience for Portia, and not something I expect her to enjoy.

In fact, I don’t know exactly how she will behave. She spent a couple of weeks in the Cosy Apartment hissing and swatting at me, which she still does from time to time, though rarely now. I have been able to pick her up and deposit her almost immediately a few feet away – practice for greater moves – but how she will react to being in an environment no cat likes, being poked and groped by humans even stranger than her foster-guardian, I have no idea. She needs her claws cut, her mouth examined, her temperature taken, possibly blood stolen… It should be an interesting day. Some kind and calming thoughts at about two-thirty in the afternoon, Mountain Daylight Time, would not be turned away on this end.

Until then, please enjoy these photographs of Portia snoozing on the sitting room couch, with the tip of her tail just poking out from between her rear legs…