Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One of Those Days

Yesterday, I came home to an interesting scene: the food mat was pushed into the middle of the kitchen, the water had been spilled, the towel was off the new heating pad and Tucker had a deep scratch on his nose. Later, he and Josie threw up their soft-food dinners, which they haven’t done in a long time. A stressful day, perhaps?

I’m not sure what went on while I was gone, but it seems to have been quite a hectic time. Tucker must have crept too close to Tungsten, who doesn’t like him, or scuffled with Renn, who likes to bully him a bit. Either way, it was tough for my roly poly one. All the cats seemed extra glad to see me when I returned. Hmm…


  1. Awww, yes, sounds like there had been a bit of an upset.

    Every time I think about adopting again I remember how stressful the Annie/Nicki combination was--for them and for me. My two aren't sleeping buddies, but they get on well together and each can hold his own in a wrestling match. I really don't want to upset the apple cart, as it were. Certainly I couldn't bring an adult into the house with Mr. Territorial Jealous Nicki.

    Well, I do hope today is a peaceful day in your household, no kitty barf or nose scratches. :-)

  2. Awe, I hate it when that happens. I have five and the boys don't get along with the girls. Or the girls don't get along with the boys ... one time Meredith Ann was limping. I can only imagine what happened. She's been leary of Riley every since.

  3. Yup, that goes on here too for sure. There is always some disaggreement between someone. That is too bad you got the scratch Tucker. Hope things go better today. Take care.

  4. Re: our Christmas tree: NO breakable ornaments! The first year I had Chum and Annie with me I decorated my tree as usual. In short order I had removed the bottom third of the ornaments...then the lower half. LOL.

    I didn't have a tree for a year or two after that, can't quite remember how many years. But once I started with a tree again, I made sure I put on only non-breakable ornaments, no hooks on them, of course, only thread or string.

    So far the boys have been really good about the tree. Mind you, it's also tied to my ceiling plant hook. :-)

  5. *sending gentle kissies for Tucker's nose*

  6. Sometimes one of the kitties just gets up on the wrong side of the bed. Purrrrring that everything has settled down a bit, and that Tucker got a snuggle or two out of what must have been a rough day for him.

  7. Poor little Tucker, hope his nose heals soon!

    And trust me, we've had days like that, too. Hectic and crazey!

  8. Purrs for you Tucker !!! and Nice to meet you.
    Thanks so much to stop by and purrs for me.
    (((( Hugs ))))