Monday, June 25, 2012


Relaxing on the couch in the sitting room, I can see out the big picture window in front of me. The view isn’t spectacular - the houses across the street - but I can see the sky, so strongly blue at this time of year, and I like it when the great cumulus clouds build in the afternoon, towering and white. Later they may gather and darken and the sun is hidden in the purplish blackness of a coming thunderstorm.

Sometimes I watch the trees sway in the wind. They are filled with leaves now of course, the brightness of their spring verdure fading into the waxy dullness of a hot summer. But against the white of the clouds in the blue sky, the scene is colourful and vibrant.

Then I notice that some of the window’s pane is not as clear as it should be. It presents a hazy, blurry effect of the outside. The lower left corner of the glass looks smudged and unattractive. I just cleaned the window a couple of days ago. How did that corner get like that?


  1. Ha! I have the same problem with my patio door glass. :-)

    BTW, I'm not sure if you're doing multiple posts at once, or if Google Reader just lumps them altogether and decides to present them to me at one time.

    1. Hello. Thanks for commenting. It's good to know my beasts aren't the only ones who don't clean up after themselves - so I rather guessed it...

      As for multiple postings, yes, that's what I do. I don't publish anything for a while, then I have a burst of energy, if not ideas, and put up several at once.

  2. All my window panes have kitty noseprints - LOL!!!