Friday, January 18, 2013

Glad Tidings

There have been a couple of changes here at the house of four cats since New Year’s Day. One has a direct effect on us all, the other is more in the way of good news, connected with someone we know.

Firstly, Rachael is no longer living with me and the perma-cats. She has been taken in by a couple who are better able to foster her. There is a chance that she may not come back to us, but the arrangement at her new residence is temporary. More important, it seems to be working. There were a few problems at first, and may be more to come, for Rachael is a sensitive animal and feels change greatly. But the couple with whom she is with are experienced with cats and in dealing with them, so I have hopes that things will work out well.

She is staying with the couple who fostered, and then adopted, her former roommate, Dude. Rachael, Dude and Marvin were three cats from a household whose people decided to ‘downsize’ their pet population, and so the trio - and two dachshunds - were sent away. The cats came back to the Lethbridge PAW Society, from which they were adopted. Dude and Rachael went into separate foster-homes, and Marvin had to undergo a surgery for cancer in his nose. He no longer has a nose, but neither does he have cancer. It’s believed his chances of avoiding it in the future are good. Dude, as I mentioned, has been adopted - and re-named Doolie - by the couple now hosting Rachael. They thought that if there were a chance that the two remembered each other and were friends, then they should be together again.

So far, that belief is being justified. Rachael recognised her old roommate and, though they may not be bonded, they appear comfortable with each other, and have snoozed next to one another. The integration with my cats was progressing very slowly due to, shall we say, personality clashes. I think my keeping Rachael separated from the perma-cats may have contributed to the length of the integration. In any case, she should thrive with a whole house in which to roam, and a chummy cat to share it with. I wish the little lion the best in her new adventure.

The couple who are fostering Rachael now had previously tried the same with Luther. I fostered Luther for a few months, but he tended to attack every cat on sight. He acted similarly with this couple’s cat, and since he was a very old animal, that couldn’t be tolerated. So Luther came back to stay with me a bit longer. He is a good little fellow, with a disruptive quirk.

But something wonderful has happened. Luther had gone to live with someone else, where he would be the only cat, and thus be free to roam the house and receive all his foster-guardian’s attention. This was good, of course, but it got better. His sponsors, the Lethbridge PAW Society, decided to pair him with a kitten. It was felt that he wouldn’t attack a baby, and sure enough, he did not. The two quickly became friends and Fortune, the youngster (bearing in mind that Luther isn’t two yet), quickly grew to idolise the older cat and followed him everywhere. Not only did Luther have a companion now, but it would probably help him integrate with other, adult cats, if the need arose. But the good news continued.

Luther - and now Fortune - could not stay long in their beneficial foster-home. The young woman taking care of them would be leaving town in the early summer, so a new residence would have to be found for the cats - one to accept both would be better, but one for each if it came to it. Luther and Fortune did find a possible home - a possibly permanent home. They are going on a trial-adoption this very weekend. If this works out, they will stay together and have a loving family to look after them.

So the new year begins well for the cats I have fostered. I look forward to writing more happy tidings here in the weeks and months to come.


  1. It's lovely to read good news and I hope everything works out well for them all. :-)

  2. yeah for Luther & Fortune.....we hope the trial turns permanent. :)

    And purrs to Rachael - it can be so hard with the adults to do the integration.

  3. Wonderful news! So glad things seem to be working out for the kitties!

  4. Happy New Year wishes for you and the kitties! Sounds like things are working out well. Rachael seems to have a bit of Maine Coon in her, we noticed, with her ear tufts. Keeping fingers crossed the weekend is successful!

  5. We hope things work out for all of them!

  6. This is such wonderful news. We hope things continue to go well.

  7. Looking forward to more adventures! :)