Sunday, July 7, 2013


Who can determine why cats make friends with some and not with others? They seem to judge the acceptability of others with the same unfathomable criteria that we humans use. Sometimes, the reasons a person likes one individual and dislikes another are obvious; sometimes, they require a little thought. But in the case of cats, we can only surmise, really.

Tungsten some time ago came to accept all the cats who are now counted as mine. Josie, Renn and Tucker were resented at first, but then tolerated. My top-cat gave her permission rather quickly for Bear-Bear, with his affability, to stay and not be hated. But her particular friend is Renn.

I’ve mentioned before how they groom each other, and how they will lie next to each other, on the bath-mat come bath-time, for instance. That’s not to say that the tiny terror doesn’t exert her authority when Renn makes her physically uncomfortable; on the bed, for instance, my big boy will try to get close to me and sometimes doesn’t regard how he is trampling the smaller orange one. Tungsten reminds him. But most of the time, they are friends.

I’ve written all of this before, of course. This repetition is no more than a preamble to these pictures of Tungsten and Renn enjoying the sitting room armchair together. I like seeing my cats enjoy each other’s company – or at least not minding each other’s proximity. My household feels more like a home when I see its occupants sharing.


  1. Awww... That is a sweet series of photos. :) I feel the same way about my current "dynamic duo". :)

    1. I went to your blog but there are no posts. I'm sure there were before when I visited. Has something happened to them?

  2. Oh there is nothing better than to see the cats get along and snuggle with each other. It is amazing how some get along with others and some do not.Guess it all depends on what day it is. Who knows. Take care.

  3. We are 5 Tomcats with one Lady Cat so are not as chummy as Dad would like. Since we live in a small area he is says we take a lot of work to keep the peace. I get along with every cat while Rumpy gets along with no one.
    Dad had all of us sleeping on the bed at one time before the paint/carpet and now we are back to me and Buddy with rotation of visitors.
    Never boring living with cats

  4. Such nice photos, I love it when cats snuggle together!!!

  5. Love the last photo especially, when the cats curl up together and almost blend into one! So nice to see.

    My Sasha is like your Tungsten, the elder statesman (cat) he has had to learn to love or at least tolerate the ones who came after. He was closest to Silver when she was alive, but Sami now insists on loving on him whenever he will allow. Saku is much more a solitary cat but will sleep on the same bed/couch as the others, just no touching!