Monday, May 2, 2016

Tucker at D-Day Minus One

Tomorrow, Tucker goes to the hospital for dental surgery. The operation itself is routine, so far as any cutting at a living body and the reparation thereof can be routine. But Tucker is diabetic, and recently recovered from a cold, so I am more worried about him than I was about Josie when my Chubs underwent the same procedure. The doctor performing the surgery is experienced, and knows about Tucker’s condition, so he will receive the best care in that regard. But I am anxious about the roly poly’s event even so.

I start to starve him tonight at ten o’clock, something he won’t understand; nor will the other cats not know why they can’t find the hard-food bowl available, as always. In fact, it won’t be placed for them to access for several days, as Tucker will not be permitted to eat hard-food for that amount of time after the surgery. I’m not sure who dislikes disruption in the norm more, the cats or I.

As for myself, tomorrow I go to the human’s physician. This is just to meet him: my previous doctor retired and, as it is difficult to find physicians accepting new patients in my town (in Canada in general, I think), I am taking time off from work to acquaint myself with this one. I found my past doctor more than satisfactory, so I am wary of this one, though he may prove perfectly adequate. The beasts’ veterinarian knows me better; perhaps she should be my doctor, as well.


  1. Our purrs to Tucker for his dental, that all goes well and is routine. We'll hope for a good update after the fact.

    Good luck meeting the new human doctor. I spent some years here with a doctor I absolutely couldn't stand (though she was thorough). Now I just get the resident of the month at the teaching clinic. There IS a real shortage of family doctors!

  2. I hope all goes well with Tucker's dental tomorrow. Please keep us posted. I understand how concerned you must be. My Joey has stomatitis, and just last week he had to have most of his teeth pulled. Stomatitis is a mouth infection caused by an autoimmune response to dental plaque and bacteria. By removing the teeth, you remove the cause of the dental problem. He recovered quickly and started eating canned food the night of the surgery. I hope that Tucker likewise recovers with no problems and that he'll be back to his "old self" in no time. I have often said my cats get better care from their vet than I do from my doctor. After all- vets are smarter. They have to learn about many species while people doctors only have to learn about humans.

  3. Sending lots of good thoughts for Tucker tomorrow.
    Having had a few doctors in the last ten years (moving, retirement) too it isn't always pleasant adjusting to a new one. I hope everything goes well.

  4. isn't it too bad we couldn't just use the vets we know and love?? good luck to Tucker - we know he will be fine

  5. dood....we haz all 984 paws crossed & asked de nay bor catz ta due de same; that all goes well for ewe two morrow & we will ask R pal frank ta keep an eye on ewe all sew.....we iz sorree bout de hole food thing....hope full lee de dayz go soooper fast... sew everee ones a munch crunchin again veree soon ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Good luck to you both tomorrow. I know how anxiety producing both events are. We will put in an extra prayer for Tucker tonight.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  7. Our Prayers are with Tucker. I'm glad he has a vet that knows him you feel confident with. Maybe they can check his sugar after surgery and give you any advise that might be needed then. All of our love.

  8. Tucker we hope all went well today and now you are hopefully recovering and doing just splendid, well as splendid as one can after such an ordeal. For a cat an ordeal is simply getting into a carrier, so we know this is far more. Paws crossed.

  9. Crossing paws and sending lots of purrs for Tucker.

    The Chans

  10. Our big Buddy went in yesterday for a second ultrasound. They all were quite relaxed in the AM even with no breakfast and things are well went the vet says: "He looks so good I didnt recognize Buddy."

    1. Way to go, Buddy Budd. I hope he has many such glowing reports.