Thursday, September 15, 2016

Renn's Inner Demon

Renn is an interesting cat. He is the only beast in my household who enjoys a vigrous - very vigorous - chest rub. He also will get on my lap to knead my stomach. In the house, he kneaded my kidneys from the side. Oh, and he likes to imitate a demon from Hell.

It’s not what you’re thinking. My big boy’s behaviour is not always angelic, but it is never diabolical. No, this approximation occurs inadvertently and only at certain times. Renn likes to have his head rubbed, as furiously as his chest. Tungsten too, tough little creature that she was, enjoyed a speedy head-rub. Renn’s consists of me placing my hand right around his head, then rubbing so swiftly that my extremity becomes a blur.

At this time, his third eyelid crosses the eyeball and obscures it completely, only to retreat when I cease my action. The eyelid slowly slips back to its starting point, to advance once more when I rub again. That the animal enjoys the feeling of the rub is demonstrated by his rough purring, sometimes accompanied by drooling.

But while his head is being thus massaged, the third eyelid colours my big boy’s ocular orbs a bilious greyish-yellow, his mouth, partly-open, displays his fangs, and his purring could be misinterpreted as supernatural growls. It is an interesting moment that I have yet to capture by camera.

I think I’m safe, however. I’ve yet to see his head spin about or hear Mercedes McCambridge say unpleasant things to me. And the green bile he spews now and then is, fortunately, unconnected to head-rubs.

Eventually, Renn returns to normal and relaxes, sometimes on my lap. After that, the only otherworldly phenomenon I experience is the numbness in my legs, if he stays too long there.


  1. LOL! We await the video! :-D

    Nicki loves a good, hard head rub (Derry too, but especially Nick), and I pull his ears back like that, but not at warp speed and (fortunately?) Nicki doesn't display fangs. Or drool for that matter.

    Of course each cat has her/his quirks and preferences, but I do love how you write about each of yours, how you let us see them as they are: individual, special, wonderful Beings.

  2. Renn is a funny boy! Flynn likes head scritches but not rubs. He goes silly if I scratch his chest and drools and tries to groom my arm, which can be a bit painful when he uses his teeth to deep clean my skin.

  3. just getting all his brain cells in order MOL

  4. Every kitty has his own preference :)

  5. Timmy loves a good under chin scritch and he then grabs the web of my hand and has at my arm with a good bunny kick. All in fun luckily for me