Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reflections of Orange in Grey

In some ways, Cammie reminds me of Tungsten. Certainly, there are more contrasts than comparisons, but now and then, when the princess does something, a memory of the late orange one suddenly returns, perhaps one that has not been thought of in a while.

I noted this when the weather here turned very cold recently. Firstly, Cammie loves the heated cat-beds. She will now use one and then the other. Tungsten of course adored her cat-bed. She claimed one in a specific location. It was hers. Perhaps both of these felines' affection for the beds came from the fact that they fit so well into them. Perhaps it is due to their relatively thinness compared to my other beasts, and thin bodies need a bit more heat. But Tungsten was very thin indeed.

Before we moved to the house, we lived in an apartment very similar to the one in which we currently reside. Its heat was provided by hot-water pipes along the base of the walls. Before the advent of the cat-beds, Tungsten would often lie against the metal casing of the pipes and enjoy a more direct warmth. Cammie does this, too, periodically, forsaking even the cat-beds to do so. I hadn’t thought of Tungsten’s habit until I observed Cammie acting the same way.

I wonder sometimes what the two cats’ relationship would have been if the tiny terror had lived. Cammie acted differently toward her than she did toward the others. She would stalk Tungsten, and sometimes chase her, but only if Tungsten ran from her. The princess rarely hissed at my top-cat, and I think now and then that they may have become friends.

But then again, maybe not. They were probably too much alike, and too different, for that.


  1. It's nice to see a photo of Tungsten again. Heat-seeking (furry) missiles. :-)

    You never know, they may have had (or would have developed) an understanding, female to female, if not an outright friendship.

    Purrs and peace from the boys.

  2. I look for similarities in Annabelle and Angel Abby. But they are so far apart it's like being separated by an ocean. Still when Annabelle goes to one of my Abby's spots it always conjures up memories. Bittersweet because Annabelle is the exact size and shape of Abby but from that point on there is so other similarity. But just in a moment my mind's eye can be fooled especially if there is a shadow because of the two girls sizes. I just miss my girl. I suppose I always will.

  3. reminds us of Mo - he LOVES to sit on the floor vents. mom thinks about getting a heated bed, but suspects it may result in a cat fight - haha

  4. What a lovely post. As I watch the antics of the cats I currently have, I can't help but notice that some of them have the same characteristics as cats I lost years ago. Both Alex and Joey are "velcro cats", just as my Cody was. Cody was my special cat, and although he's been gone many years, he is still missed. Perhaps that's why Alex and Joey are now with me - as a remembrance of Cody.

    asn In

  5. It's hard to know isn't it. My cats tended to pair up, though Sasha and Silver had to put with the pest Sami. Saku has been the loner and has never found his friend.

  6. As Kim states it is nice to see some photos of Tungsten. My parents, as our two Siamese cats aged, would leave a heating pad on their bed on low heat with a blanket on top. The cats would come and go throughout the day all winter long.
    I love the last photo with Cammie peeping over the table.

  7. lee off topic heer but two bad yur dad did knot haz place settingz at de tabull in de last foto....letz think bout that for a wee minit ~~~~