Saturday, July 29, 2017

One of the Gang

Well, after more than a week of doing nothing exciting or interesting – other than the usual things that cats do – the beasts have given me something to write about. In particular, Cammie and Parker.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that Cammie doesn’t much care for her feline roommates. She is growing more tolerant of their presence but, like the man whose apartment is next to the railway, it doesn’t mean she likes them to any greater extent. But something happened yesterday that made me think the princess is seeing potential in our guest-cat.

I was in the bedroom when I heard Parker’s high-pitched cries in the sitting room. This sturdy orange boy, with the physique of a middle-weight boxer, speaks like a singer who wants to out-do those deep and sonorous sopranos. What I heard suggested interaction with another cat. Interaction usually means trouble. Parker doesn’t always intend to cause a problem, but his proximity alone is usually a difficulty for someone.

Before I could reach the sitting room, I heard the sound of a cat zooming through the nylon tunnel. While all the cats have made use of that worthy item, only one of my beasts, other than Tungsten, zooms through it. In the corridor, I met Parker, moving away from the scene of his protests. Cammie was crouching in the background.

The princess enjoys rushing through the tunnel to startle Tucker. She will sometimes hide around one end to leap out at him. It’s her way of having fun. She had just done the same to Parker. My foster-cat had taken a step closer to being considered one of the gang, at least by Cammie.

This doesn’t mean acceptance, since my little Siamese doesn’t really accept any of her siblings. But it does mean she thinks there may be sport in the sturdy-boy’s existence. It does mean that she sees him as more than an interloper. Further, it does not negate the possibility of real trouble. Just this evening, I intercepted Parker, who was exhibiting too much interest, before he could close with Cammie, who was investigating the library. Parker’s tail indicated that there could have been difficulties.

I expect things like that. That may never change. But the fact that Cammie was having a bit of enjoyment at Parker’s expense shows that something, at least, has.


  1. They are like toddlers in a way! And that is where the fun for we as their family is; and we can enjoy and smile. Parker and Cammie showed that to me, anyway. :-)

  2. At least it is a step in the right direction. I use calming collars now and they have helped Sammy not go after Brody. There are inexpensive and work so I highly recommend them.

  3. Carole's, right, they ARE like toddlers in their interactions sometimes. I'm not sure Parker was thrilled with Cammie deciding she'd have a bit of "fun" with him. :-D

  4. It sounds like Cammie and Parker are having a bit of "sibling rivalry". At least they are playing and hot hissing and swating at each other.

  5. I laughed when I read this. Cammie is sounding a little mischievous, so unlike her. Hope things continue to progress and maybe someday enjoy each other's company. We can only hope.

  6. It sounds like Cammie is enjoying having someone else to startle.