Thursday, May 7, 2020

Do You Feel a Draught?

Very often, one action has an effect unimagined or unintended. We can take as an example Neville’s recent shave.

Nevsky had the upper half of his body shaved to the skin. I won’t again go into the question of why the veterinary hospital did not shave all of him, or trim the hair on his lower half a bit. Instead, I will point out that my foster-cat probably feels the air to be a bit cooler now than he had before. He till lazes on top of the tallest cat-tree, or lies next to it on top of the lower cat-tree in the sitting room, even when the door to the ditch is open to its screen. But sometimes I think the exposure is a bit chilly for him.

He therefore has taken to lying in the sitting room’s cat-beds. He enjoys the deep cushion and high sides of the newer, unheated bed, as grey as he is, and he likes the heated though rather more aged cat-bed nearer the kitchen. I’m sure they provide the warmth that he finds is lacking right now, even as the temperature of each day seems to rise farther than the previous.

Neville hadn’t been much of one for cat-beds prior to this. Even when his hair had been cropped short, he preferred the unsheltered though comfortable spots, such as carpeted floors and couches. I imagine the shave he received a few weeks ago has had more of an effect than his former, uneven crop. I wonder, though, if he will continue to favour the cat-beds once his hair returns. Naturally, it is a long, full coat that he wears. That, in a cat-bed, might be too warm for him, and return him to his earlier apathy toward beds. Or will he, once the comfort of a snug bed has been discovered, prefer to use them still, even if only irregularly?

I like that the cats who live with me have choices. They don’t have many, being insider-cats, but I think it’s important to give them variety, especially in terms of comfort. And I quite like seeing my newest resident taking advantage of that choice.


  1. Variety of choices are important, even if we don't seem to appreciate it at the time!

  2. dood !!! sounds like dad iz gonna haz new new furny chure dee livered for everee one; sayz sew rite heer:

    I think it’s important to give them variety, especially in terms of comfort

    make sure ya getz a king sized mattrezz, two ree clinerz, couple oh love seetz, 5 sofaz anda full sized hammick !!

    sa wheat ~~~~~

    happee week oh end two all ☺☺♥♥

    1. I'm pretty sure that's going a bit beyond what I'd had in mind...

  3. I recently read that cats prefer a room temperature between 85 and 90 degrees, and since Neville has been using a cat bed since he got his haircut, that may be correct. While most of my cats prefer to curl up on a cat bed or hammock, Cassi prefers to sleep on the cable box where it's warm. The problem arrises when she accidentally turns off the cable while I'm watching TV.

  4. Neville looks very pleased with his choices.

  5. I love that the beasts have they should of course. They are grateful every day although they don't think of it that way. Just they think, "another day of being happy, warm and loved".

  6. Around Eastside Cats, it's day-to-day on what/where/when a particular cat will use as a napping locale. And just when one seems to have a favourite place, the next time they are sleeping somewhere completely different, as if to thumb their noses at the human who is trying to keep track.

  7. Ah! I was thinking..perhaps he's
    realised that the colour of the
    bed, is the same colour as his fur,
    so, by getting in one will see
    him..that's my silly theory anyway..! :).

  8. Nev looks quite handsome in his lounge bed!

  9. I have yet to figure out what my cats have ever been trying to say!
    Neville looks comfy and warm and he may just be expanding his inside
    experiences. Nice that your cats do have choices for lazing about.