Tuesday, May 12, 2020

She Will Be Grateful

I ordered a box of the needles I use to give Cammie her fluids. It came swiftly enough, on Friday, which is good because I am almost out of my initial supply. It arrived not by mail but by a parcel delivery company, and I was required to sign for the package. Unfortunately, it was brought to my home while I was at work. (My doorbell rings on my cellular telephone, so I can answer and open the door remotely, but I can’t give my signature that way.)

I asked if it could be dropped off at my work-place, which is only ten minutes away by foot, much less by automobile. It was not on this delivery-driver’s route, so it had to go back to the warehouse. I was told I could pick it up there. Yesterday, I rode my bicycle out to the warehouse, which is on the edge of town half an hour away. When I arrived, I had to wait outside, due to the covid-19 precautions, while the package was located. The staff was helpful, and found the parcel ready for delivery to my work-place. But it would have arrived after I had left work (I am working reduced hours, due to the aforementioned health crisis.) Thus, it would have gone back to the warehouse again. I just collected it while I was there.

I didn’t have to sign for it.

Oh well. When she is being stabbed and pumped full of fluids, I am sure Cammie will appreciate all the work it took to obtain the supply of needles…


  1. We ALL appreciate 'ALL' the work you do
    for your Kitty~Kitties John..!
    And..I'm sure they appreciate it to..in
    their own way..!
    HeHe! I bet when you walked through the
    front door, with that box under yer arm..
    Cammie thought..Oh! No! Not more needles!
    Bless! Your a Diamond..! :o).

  2. That almost went into the territory of Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch.

  3. Hope Cammie doesn't figure out how to use the needles on you!
    What a delivery confusion.

  4. one would think the delivery service could have made an exception; wan't like you wanted the product delivered in the
    next province .... ????

  5. Oh yea, I'm sure she'll be thanking you!

  6. I'm glad things finally got straightened out, but have you noticed that nothing is easy anymore. Everything is so complicated. I think I miss the "good old days"!

    1. Back when the service industry served the public...

  7. As I was reading your missed delivery tale, I was sure you were going to arrive at the warehouse, only to be told it had been rerouted to your office! As much as some things have changed during the pandemic, the goofiness of the world is still the same.

  8. Some delivery drivers are more helpful than others. I am sure he could have taken a photo of where he had placed it when you opened the door for him so he had proof of delivering it. At least you have them and that is the important thing.

  9. It's so annoying when courier companies do that not everyone has a car and days off to drive out to the depot to pick their parcels up. It also annoys me that we have paid to have it delivered, but they won't deliver it.

  10. I'm glad you were able to get your supplies without too much trouble. It's nerve-wracking when you know you need something and actually getting it becomes complicated.

  11. That is always such a concern when something that concerns the health of the family, furred or human, is put out of reach like that. SO glad it turned out well though you had to work for it, so to speak.

  12. Sometimes the rules are just darn silly. I pick up meds for my daughter every couple of weeks. Until recently I had to sign for them, but now the pharmacist signs for them...before they hand them over to me for mailing.