Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Sunshine Princess

It’s been more than eleven months since Cammie had her stroke and lost her sight. She adapted remarkably well, and rather swiftly, to her blindness, though, of course, I can judge only the practical evidence; how she fared mentally and emotionally she keeps a secret. I believe, however, that she has adjusted well to those facets of her disability, too.

She spends most of her time in the bedroom, in her snug little heated cat-bed, with its adjacent cup of water. She climbs the cat-tree to the window when it is open, and makes her way to a litter-box in the store-room when she needs it. (During the day, when I sequester her in the bedroom to increase her safety and reduce her stress, she has her own litter-box and bowl of food.)

My princess also wanders out to the sitting room, from time to time, and, now that the warmer weather has arrived, and the windows are open more frequently, and for longer periods, she explores the scents and sounds available to her in that venue. This is especially the case now that the sun has returned to our northern latitudes. She does not need her eyes to enjoy the warmth of the rays when they fall upon her grey furs, and she spends quite a long time lazing in the brightness that she can probably vaguely discern only a little.

These are the days and nights - for nocturnal fragrances have their own stories to tell - that I enjoy, for the sake of my cats. A window opened is a new world opened, and that is especially true for Cammie. When the sun beams, and the outside comes in, she lives a life that is less restricted and not as dark as it usually is for her, and for a few hours, she can see again, if only with her nose and ears.


  1. I read once that cats want the sensory stimulation of different scents, in order to keep from getting bored. I imagine that goes double for a blind kitty.

  2. Cats adjust to their disabilities so well.

  3. Cammie is such a sweetie and we're so happy she adjusted so well.

  4. Cammie has adjust to her surroundings,
    and home very most things,
    if you have a disability in life, you
    get on with it..and her other instincts,
    have developed very much so, that
    it seems she is enjoying life! Bless her..!x

  5. Cammie looks beautiful in the sun. It is amazing how animals adjust
    better to their situations than humans.

  6. Cammie is an example of how we humans think about life, as opposed to how cats think. It's hard to let go of our emotions, but there is no doubt that your overwhelming love for Cammie is the key to her life being as full as it possibly can.

  7. With all the love and care you've given Cammie, it's not at all surprising that she has adapted so well to her inability to see. Animals are masters when it comes to adjusting to a disability. Humans can certainly learn a few things from them.

  8. 11 months !!!! ???? noe way az da tabbies does not seem possible....

    cammie ....N joyz de sunshine N de fresh airs N de open windows; stay gorgeouz N we hope everee onez week oh end total lee rox...


  9. It is good to see Cammie enjoying the sun and the different scents through the window. I feel sure that the different smells and sounds bring pictures into her mind that are as vivid as those she once saw.

  10. It seems so short a time ago and yet, it isn't. Cammie has adapted beautifully. I think it shows her intelligence. Smoochies, sweet girl.

  11. What a beautiful pic of Cammie soaking up the sun! Like the others have written she has adapted well. How enjoyable you make her life, John!