Thursday, May 14, 2020

One Year Later

Almost exactly a year ago, Cammie had a stroke. Tonight, she had another.

I was cleaning the bedroom at about seven-thirty when I noticed the princess wandering about. She will leave the bedroom when I clean it and explore the rest of the apartment, taking the opportunity to see what is new. This time, she was walking in circles, and dragging her right rear foot. She was clearly disoriented.

I called the emergency service of my veterinary hospital and was able to talk to a doctor within minutes. There was, in truth, little that could be done; there is no way even to determine if Cammie had had a stroke, except by the signs I had already witnessed. (Last year, Cammie was described as having had a ‘stroke-like’ episode, due to the several possible causes for her condition.) However, the doctor told me to look for symptoms of shock, and pain. I have Raleigh’s Gabapentin still, and we figured out a dosage for Cammie to take, if need be.

Cammie did not appear to be in pain. She had settled under my desk-chair; it is of wood and its legs are connected by horizontal spindles. I think Cammie may have been comforted by this enclosure; soon after, she limped her way to her cat-bed. Her breathing, at first more rapid than usual (though not frighteningly fast) had decelerated, and she had not breathed through her mouth at any time.

She has been in her cat-bed since, but has displayed encouraging signs. She purred as I stroked the back of her neck and talked to her. She has changed position a couple of times, and reacted by withdrawing her paw when I touched it (she dislikes having her feet touched), which she did not do immediately after the incident. She has yawned (which, for some reason, I equate with normalcy) and looks fatigued, rather than injured. But her early attempts at ambulation have merely led her in circles.

I am tempted to write that my princess, jealous of the attention being given to Raleigh, decided to reclaim the limelight. In fact, a second stroke was always a strong possibility. That it did not transpire earlier was, perhaps, luck, more than anything else. As I watch her reaction to this second assault on her system, I can hope only that her luck resumes, and that she recovers completely.


  1. Oh Cammie. Sweet kisses to you darling girl.

    John - our thoughts are with you this weekend .

    Julie and poppyq

  2. Ah! Bless the little lady..Bless!x
    Lets hope she makes a full recovery..
    Saying prayers for her..!x

  3. Oh John! What can I say? Saying "you've had your hands full" would seem to be an understatement. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, Cammie and Raleigh.

  4. Poor dear Cammie. I do hope she recovers from this latest stroke. Does she have high blood pressure, and if so does she have meds to control it?
    I send good thoughts for her.

  5. Oh no. No, no, no. I'm beyond words. Sending love and prayers. ♥

  6. Oh no. This just can't be happening. Please let us know how she is doing after the day has passed. I am so so sorry.

  7. Poor Cammie and so sorry that you are experiencing such serious problems
    with Cammie and Raleigh at the same time. I do hope the weekend goes
    without more incident and you can just enjoy all the cats company.

  8. Dear Cammie,
    Wish we were there to give you hugs in the fur, but consider yourself hugged from a distance...whether you enjoy hugs or not!
    (You too, John!)

  9. First Raleigh, and now this. I'm so sorry. I don't even know what to say.

  10. cammie; sinz St Francs iz close bye with raleigh, we will ask him ta send hiz best two ewe az well, meaning hiz blessings will get two ewe sooper quik....

    everee one ther kneadz ta haz a groop meeting N promize ta cut dad sum slackz..... sure cut him a new shirt while yur at it... ☺☺

    but seer ee iz lee...him kneadz a brake

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sending de best for ewe cammie N strength oh mind two dad ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  11. Oh no, purrs and prayers to sweet Cammie from all of us.

  12. We are sending our purrs and prayers dear Cammie