Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Miscellany

Today, I have no story to relate but a number of pictures that are hanging about waiting for captions. They are all interesting pictures - only because they are of my cats, and not because they are intrinsically fascinating. So I thought I would throw all of them on one post and start afresh next time.

Josie likes lying on the books I may have on the table or bed. I’ve taken a number of photographs of her doing this. I like to think that she’s a learned cat, and simply enjoys reading. It seems to tire her out, though.

This is my Chubs looking a little wary of the camera. I don’t believe she’s gaining weight but she does resemble a bean-bag chair a bit.

Tucker will strike this pose wherever he lies, but usually on the floor. If you tilt the picture ninety degrees, it looks likes he’s hanging on to a ledge…

Tungsten isn’t afraid to get close to cats when the hard-food bowl is made available. Sometimes Tucker will stand his ground; mostly, he gives it up and waits until everyone has had his or her fill. The next picture is the eager trio awaiting their soft-food dinner. Renn, that lazy animal, is probably expecting to be fed dinner in cat-bed.

Here my big boy is looking out the window on one of the few snowy days we’ve had this year. You may be able to see on the lamp-post across the street a small poster; it’s for a missing cat. I always feel grateful none of mine has gotten out, especially on days like the one pictured. I especially like seeing Josie snug and comfy against a background of cold and wet. But I always think of the lost cats and dogs when I think of the safe ones.

And speaking of snug and comfy, here is Josie showing everyone that a globular cat can fit into rather small spaces, and not suffer any ill effects. Tucker is not to be outdone, though he may be wondering in the last picture why the cat-bed, unplugged at that moment, is not warming up as it usually does.

My roly poly one also likes the greater freedom of a dining table chair, the wide open spaces of the armchair, and the even wider spaces of the bed, here being shared with Renn.

And finally, some pictures of the orange one. Tungsten who fits perfectly in the new cat-beds, is pondering in the first picture why her rest is being disturbed. I told her she didn’t exactly need her beauty sleep, but she was not mollified. In the next photo, she is thinking about something. What, I don’t know. Though she is a deep ruminator, she usually doesn’t bother with practical matters, such as water and linoleum, which occupy Renn’s more scientific mind. Tungsten’s mental wanderings take her to esoteric levels, I have no doubt.

And here she is on one of the rare occasions when the outside world interests her. I had to take the photo quickly, because such interest does not last. The common, everyday life is beneath her. It’s boring and ordinary, and besides it’s probably time for a nap...


  1. We enjoyed the photo collection, with our favourite definitely being Tucker's pose on the table. Annie used to stretch her back legs out like that, too, but we don't.

  2. There's nothing more self explanatory that a picture of a cat.... :) I could also post pictures of my babies all day long.... but I think they would bore anyone but me!

  3. Lita and the boys in MelbourneMarch 22, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    You know, I only started reading this blog recently and i was much relieved to see it's called 'I have 3 cats' when in fact you have 4. because...i, too, have 3 cats but suspect that in the next few months it may become 4...your cats are very cute and gosh a ginger girl, how spesh! All my cats are boys and I'm thinking it's about time they had a sister... 4 cats does after all make a set. :)

  4. Those are some great pictures! We loved the one of Tucker on the table!

  5. Our Julie likes to read too, especially before bedtime. Thanks for sharing all those pix.

  6. I could look at cat pics all day...just beautiful!!! Tungsten seems to be a perfect example of living in the moment and that exactly what she is doing at any given time is the best thing ever, maybe that is why the outside world doesn't interest her :-)

  7. Wonderful pictures. A great insight into their everyday world!

  8. Those are such great pictures for sure. We love Tungsten's color. It is a different orange color. We all do a lot of napping too. This was fun to see everyone doing their little thing in life. Take care.