Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rocky on Location

I don't normally use this venue to describe cats available for adoption through the group with which I volunteer, the Lethbridge PAW Society. But I wanted to advertise Rocky's appearance at a pet supply shop this past Saturday, and so I thought I'd follow that with the sequel, writing about how he did there.

Rocky did very well at Homes Alive on Saturday. He was a hit with the customers, young and old. We were given a position not far from the door, so people could see the PAW Society table and Rocky as soon as they entered.

Our young star was nervous at first; there were a great many stimuli, with dozens of people walking by at any given time, conversations, noises; Homes Alive encourages people to bring in their cats and dogs to shop, so there were a number of pets about, mainly canines on leashes. I’m not sure that Rocky had ever seen a dog before. None of them bothered much about Rocky which, I suspect, was fine with him.

The store has two resident cats, very easy-going creatures, Persians, one dark grey and the other an ivory white. They both crept up to investigate the visitor. Rocky hissed at them both and they backed away. Rocky is actually quite good with other cats, but being in a cage, and an alien environment, he likely figured that he had best keep other felines at a distance.

He started meowing at one point, a very distinctive sound that served only to charm people more. Many wanted to pet him. He was at the store for about three hours. After about two and a half, he started looking a little fatigued and lie down, probably wishing he had a quiet corner for a snooze, but this is understandable. It had been a day of nervous excitement for him, and he was no doubt exhausted. I suspect he slept a deep sleep that evening.

But did anyone want to adopt him? Several people took home his printed biography, which is a good sign. Even if a family wanted to take him away then and there, they would not have been allowed. The PAW Society, like many rescue groups and private individuals, interviews prospective pet owners first. It’s hoped, though, that at least one of those who expressed an interest will call with a definite desire to adopt the little fellow. But he helped in other ways, too: a pair of other cats’ biographies were taken from a binder kept of available cats; a family asked about fostering; another took forms for volunteer-application; a number of tickets were sold for a raffle in August, and, just as important, people asked questions about PAW, its purpose and its cats. Rocky did a good day’s work.

The Society hopes to repeat the performance in the future, depending upon the availability of volunteers and cats. As you may imagine, not every cat is the right sort for this adventure. Rocky calmed down after an hour or so, but he was always a little wary. A nervous cat, such as my Renn or Tucker, would have gone to pieces as they entered the store.

Not to worry, though. Rocky is fine and likely dreaming of that strange place he went to with the uncountable numbers of people, strange cats and those bizarre yapping, barking animals. He deserves his restful slumbers.

Oh, we have to get some new pictures of Rocky. He is now quite a bit larger than his biography’s pictures show; you may be able to compare these pictures, taken Saturday, with the one at the head of my previous post. He is eight months old and longer than my Tungsten. But even at that size, he is a gentle, soft kitten - an armful now, but a very cuddly armful.


  1. Rocky is so beautiful!!! Everyone loves a gentle giant, I'm sure he will be adopted in no time :-)

  2. Lita and the boys in MelbourneMarch 20, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    Good luck, Rocky, you are indeed a beautiful boy. Your new family are coming...

  3. What a beauty...and a little charmer too! Glad it all went well.