Monday, November 19, 2012

Rachael's Progress

My guest-cat, Rachael, is doing well at my house. Because of the disagreements she has been having with the perma-cats, I have had to keep her in one room most of the time, and let her out for an hour once a day on weekdays and three or four times on weekends; at these times, the other felines are confined to the bedroom, which they take as a great indignity. Renn whines, Tucker cowers as if it’s a personal punishment and Josie tried to hide (since her method of camouflage seems to amount to no more than turning her back to me and moving behind a chair, it’s rarely a challenge for me). Tungsten is indifferent to it, though I know she dislikes it.

This is, as you may imagine, hardly an ideal arrangement, but Rachael seems to be suffering less stress. She is always eager to get out of the back parlour and when she has the freedom of the house, she explores, plays and checks out the different views. She doesn’t complain when she is re-incarcerated (probably because I give her treats when the time comes) but complains often once inside. I wish I could let her out more frequently, but her integration with my cats is better made slowly.

Her litter-box issues appear to have vanished. I have given her two litter-boxes to use, which I think she needed with her long hair. Rachael quite rightly disliked the possibility of her luxurious fur being soiled in a used litter-box; having an extra has been a blessing. Now that she has been shaved of most of her hair, that is less of a problem, though over time the fur will re-grow, so she should always have the opportunity of two litter-boxes.

Rachael also periodically wet downstairs, again outside a litter-box and again likely due to stress. This problem too seems to have resolved itself. I now let Rachael go where she likes once she is out of the back parlour, and she has not abused my trust. I think the multiple litter-boxes, combined with gradual acclimatization has solved her problems.

She has an affectionate and at times imperious personality. She is definitely a cat who knows what she wants. She has no problem jumping on to my lap now, where she will stay for extended periods, slowly becoming lost in the joy of being petted. She once fell asleep on my lap and will no doubt do so again. When not actually on me, she will lie near by and show her appreciation of attention by flexing her little paws.

Because of the cold weather and her shorn condition, she has had a heating pad inserted in the folds of a down comforter on which to recline. She takes full advantage of it. It warms to a nice, gentle temperature and the chilly nights are no doubt rendered quite snug for her.

Rachael loves to play. Her preference is a string toy. She enjoys hiding in the nylon tunnel and grabbing at the toy through a hole in the top, or lunging at it from the open end. She will also wrestle with the toy at various stages of the cat-tree, sometimes throwing herself on to her back to kick the bottom of the platform above in excitement. For playing by herself, she likes a little plastic ring off the top of milk jugs. It slides across the floor easily yet is light enough to go distances when swatted by a paw.

I’ve decided to spend movie-night with Rachael instead of Renn. That’s a bit of a disappointment for my big boy, who has scratched at the closed door of the back parlour more than once, wondering why he has been shut out of our Saturday night entertainment. But he still has bath-time later that night, which he enjoys much more than movie-time, while Rachael would have to spend a couple of hours alone elsewhere. So I and my guest-cat watch a film together; well, I watch and she snoozes, sometimes on my lap, sometimes on her heated bed next to me. I think she likes the company.

And so Rachael, the little lion, is ready for her permanent home. There is still much to learn about her, still much for her to learn. But a human is waiting for her, and she is waiting for that human - whether either knows it or not.


  1. awww - such progress. it just takes a person willing to learn about her to make it all happen. good job - and now to find her forever home!

  2. So glad to read she's doing well. We're all purring she finds a wonderful home...definitely with multiple litter boxes. We have four in the house for just the two cats (well, 3 in the house and 1 currently out on the back step). Much better to have a zillion boxes around than problems!

  3. We're glad that Rachel is doing well....'specially with the litterbox!