Monday, June 24, 2013


I am on holiday! I have been for the past week, which partially explains why I have not been adding to my blog in that time. I say partially, because I would have added to my blog but I could no longer add to my blog from my home computer. Previously, I had trouble connecting to various sites on the internet, which included a number of cat-blogs which I view regularly. My computer’s hard-drive was wiped out and its contents re-installed. It was after this that I discovered that my capability on the computer was even more severely restricted.

But a friend and I were experimenting with various solutions and I found that by updating my ‘Google’ programme, I was able to access my ‘Blogger’ account and thus add to my blog. I’ve no idea if the update I have made will cause new problems, but it has solved one of the old problems, and, in the realm of computers, that’s good enough for me. (It does make the font used abnormal, either too large or badly spaced, but it's working so you may have to adjust your eyes a bit; sorry about that.)

My holiday is so far very enjoyable, if only because I don’t have to go to work. I won’t go anywhere exotic; my job’s wages do not extend to allowing me to travel beyond the confines of my house, other than for food and other necessities. The way prices are rising, they may not permit even that ere long. I am accomplishing a number of chores during my days off that were too time-consuming to perform on ordinary weekends or evenings after work. These include giving the cat-trees a good cleaning; I use the laborious but effective method of the damp rubber glove to roll the annual collection of cat-hair off the surfaces. I could have constructed another cat from all the fur thus gathered - only I can’t afford another cat, so I just threw it in the rubbish bin (the fur, not an actual cat). I will steam-clean the hardwood and linoleum floors and have cleaned the garage. There are any number of smaller tasks that need completing, tasks that could be done on other days but use up just enough time to make one not want to do them with the limited time available after work or on weekends. Thus, I utilise my holidays.

As always, my cats provide the centre of my activities, and the reason for most of them. The beasts give me the entertainment that comes in other circumstances through travel or associating with new people. I can count on my cats for that. Lest anyone reading this thinks that all I am doing on my holidays is work (and why is it that working at home, even for no money, is more enjoyable than getting paid for it at a job?), allow Josie to illustrate what I myself am indulging in for much of my time off.


  1. Sometimes going away is more exhausting, even though it's supposed to be a "vacation." There's nothing wrong at all with a "staycation," I'd love one, if I had quiet neighbours and could stay home without going around the bend or going postal.

    I remember a time when I had disposable income...but it was a two-income household then. Now, unless you're making into the high 5-digits--and still living carefully--you're up a creek, with the increasing cost of living and decreasing wages (whether in actuality or in the purchasing power of the dollar).

    So kick back, do some of your chores, and feel free to head east to do some of mine, too, if you have time. LOL.