Monday, February 29, 2016

Nodding Off, Part 2

It’s no secret that cats sleep in the strangest positions. I would think, however, that, given the feline body structure, certain positions would be too uncomfortable to maintain. Yet the position you see in the photograph below has been one that Tucker has always used, alternating with others, of course.

You will note how he is neither on his side nor on his back. The rear leg in the air is an indication of his descent into the Land of Nod. His bags packed and his documents in order, he will start to sleep, and the leg will fall. When it lies on top of the other one, he is gone. Sometimes, the leg will twitch, demonstrating that he is journeying in Nod’s most interesting province, Dreamland. Then he will wake suddenly, and the leg will jerk back into the air.

I see and hear other proof when my cats are asleep. They wheeze, snore, jerk about and don’t respond to stimuli. It sounds rather frightening, and when four of them are sleeping at once, it must resemble what Bedlam had been like. But they are all safe, all well, except that when I write of Tucker nodding off, it doesn’t refer to his head; he nods off at the other end.


  1. dood....eye like ta sleep like that two...knot ta menshunz thiz poze iz grate....spesh a lee when used by de A/C vent....

    helps ...main tain.... a nice coolness ta ones ...limbz !!! ☺☺☺

    tuna of moon ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you for a much-needed laugh today! Tucker is just too silly and sweet for words. :-)

  3. Ivy can sleep on her back and some of the other here appear to be jealous they can't achieve that position :)

  4. He is a funny boy! It looks like he fell asleep mid play.

  5. I LOVE that picture.

    I showed it to my gf, and she's in love with that cat.

    Be careful John, she knows you're a local.