Monday, November 7, 2016

In Her Place

I don’t think there is any place in the apartment that is reserved for a particular cat. There are those locations several like - the saddle of the tall cat-tree in the bedroom, for instance - but if one is already there, and another wants the spot, the second lives with the situation until it changes.

Once in a while, though, one of my feline roommates decides that where another is, is exactly where she wants to be at that moment. And by ‘she’, I mean Cammie.


  1. There is always one preferred place. Usually they all work things out.
    You all have a great day.

  2. We need an "after" pic now. :-D

    Your apartment seems to have great light, with plenty of sunshine on the clear days. Perfect for any number of kitty places.

    BTW, Nicki frequently asserts his dominance by taking over a spot Derry has settled in. Sometimes Derry will try the same, though his success rate has been about 25% in the past.

  3. Of the four cats here that is very true. They are patience with one another and wait until the spot they may want is open before taking it over. It is amazing how well they do get along.

  4. ah yes - we have seen that maneuver....stare at them until they move hahaha

  5. Well, Cammie is the Princess, after all, so I guess she feels she's entitled to be wherever she wants to be. That hasn't been much of a problem with my cats. It appears that everyone has their special place, and if anyone wants to intrude on someone else's territory, they patiently wait until the "owner" decides to move.

  6. Oh yea, that happens here too! Come by and meet the newbies!

  7. my stars girl, that's because where you want to be is where you are supposed to be even if you didn't want to be there 5 minutes ago......I know you know of what I speak ~~~~~ hugs from dai$y ♥♥♥ =^..*=

  8. It's a cats world, and we're just living in it! :) hehe
    Very cute picture! Play away guys!!
    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Cammie, you are certainly living up to your reputation. You may be little but you are definitely mighty!

    Great photos John!

  10. You are Top Cat, Cammie, although the rest of the household might disagree.

  11. Did Cammie get the spot she wanted? If Eric wanted Flynn's spot he would simply sit on him. Sometimes Flynn would move, but other times he would put up with it.

    1. She didn't want it after Renn left. Poor Flynn, being sat on. He probably misses that, though.