Friday, March 24, 2017

A Return to the Round

Until some months ago, the cylinder-house cat-tree was Renn’s favourite spot in the apartments. He spent much of his time there, even preferring to eat his meals there, because some human didn’t insist that he get down and eat them on the floor like a civilised animal. Then, Cammie started snoozing in the cylinder-house. This was fine with Renn, as he took possession when it was vacant, which was most of the time. Then Cammie threw up in the cylinder.

After that, neither cat cared to use the cat-tree. For months, it was vacant. This week, however, Renn moved in once more. Why he decided to climb back in after all this time, I don’t know. Perhaps the smell of Cammie’s accidental discharge faded enough for olfactory comfort. But I am glad the cylinder-house is being occupied again. It needed a cat.


  1. Ha! He's either forgotten about the unfortunate up-chucking incident or no longer cares, apparently. And he certainly looks cosy in there. :-)

    BTW, I had the same sort of thing happen with the smaller cat tree in the living room earlier in the winter. One of the boys threw up on it (at the top and part way down the side) and though I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned with a great pet odour/stain product, it was quite a while before I saw either of the boys snoozing in it again. Maybe you're right about the smell fading enough for them, even though it seems clean to us.

    1. Don't you love it when they throw up at the top of the cat-tree and it hits every platform on the way down, splattering as it goes? Ah, the joy of cats.

  2. Renn looks very content to be back in the cylinder house. I hope that if Cammie decides she wants it again that she doesn't have a repeat of the throwing up incident.

  3. I love the photos of Renn. He looks so comfortable. I wonder if Cammie will start using the cylinder-house again also. If she does, she and Renn may have to work out a time share.

  4. Oh that's a good thing to see! I know Katie won't visit anything she has thrown up on or in until all traces are gone! Tain't easy to do! Renn is very handsome! Katie is a budding admirer.

  5. Renn appears to be quite cozy in his cylinder house. Funny how their favourite places change with the seasons or more likely for no particular reason. I hope Cammie does not spoil his home again with an upchuck.