Friday, March 3, 2017

Walking Around the World

Sometimes, I notice a sudden change in my cats’ behaviour. I realise that something has altered, and I know just when it happens.

Last Sunday was such a time. Parker, the new foster-cat, was out and about, released from the library. It has been the habit of the perma-cats to find spots, usually on furniture - human or feline - where they will stay for the duration of Parker’s release. Any ventures toward food or even the litter-boxes have waited until Parker went back into the library at certain times of the day.

Sunday, however, both Renn and Tucker left their defensive positions and wandered over to where the food bowl usually is found. (When Parker is loose, it is made unavailable.) Parker wandered between the two boys, and they didn’t flinch. It was so uncharacteristic of the situation since our guest’s arrival that I knew there had been a change.

A couple of nights ago, Cammie descended from her place at the top of the highest cat-tree to use the litter-box, knowing that Parker was free. The orange boy remained snoozing on the bed while Cammie went about her business - I made sure that he did not interrupt her - and the process may have been quite different had the princess met Parker on her way. But the fact that she used the litter-boxes, aware of Parker’s presence, when previously she had waited, was another change.

Last evening, Tucker cautiously ambled (if one can cautiously amble) to a water-bowl for a drink, pausing every few feet for signs of Parker’s approach. Parker was, once again, loose but, once again, snoozing on my bed. The roly poly satisfied his thirst, then went back to the hammock from which he had come.

Each of these occurrences were small events, and none of the perma-cats is oblivious to Parker. There are still hisses and growls (especially from Josie), and the road all must travel to acceptance is a long one. But, though these steps are tiny, they are steps, and in the right direction. If one wants to walk around the world, that is how one starts.


  1. YAY....small progress is great. (and that picture of Tucker on the cat tree is priceless)

  2. We think these steps are pretty big ones, actually, not tiny at all. Hurrah! :-)

  3. It seems that Parker's acceptance into the clowder is going quite well, and the other cats are starting to realize that Parker may not be going anywhere for awhile.

  4. lee awesum job on bee comin pals with parker; and keepin yur dad guessin.....THATZ de fun part huh !!! flounder FRY day waves two all & heerz two a slender snipe eel kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  5. Dat's so pawsum. Mommy doesn't have da room, doors or patients fur these slow, patient innerductions, so she just has to lessen to da hissin' and growlin'. Ya' know she's used to it when she hears a hiss and say, "What's dat honey?" MOL Sendin' purrayers it keeps goin' well. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  6. That is good news. Sounds like they are getting into a routine that suits them.

  7. Things are going well! Your household is settling into routine again. I have been away on holidays so it is nice to catch up again with you and the kitties. Holly enjoyed her "spa retreat" at our friend's lovely home.

    1. I noticed that you hadn't commented in a while. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as Holly did hers.

  8. They're all going to be best of friends. They just don't know it yet.

  9. I love the very obvious signs of progress! You are so patient with them (of course!) and you know how to do the integration process with always territorial cats.

  10. I really sounds like they are working things out, way to go gang!