Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Lesson in Tolerance

Cats are usually patient creatures. This does not include meal-times, or times that they think are meal-times. But otherwise, they can endure a great deal. They put up with their people force-feeding them food and medicine when they are sick, cleaning their bums when they are dirty, and putting them on laps for some attention when they aren’t really in the mood.

They are usually patient with nature and age and even with each other. When they want to sleep, they will tolerate much, much that would disturb the equilibrium of the most easy-going human. But then, cats such as Tucker are practised at suffering in silent dignity, he in particular having weathered medical and physical crises in his history.

And, after all, what’s a flooffy tail in the face from time to time?


  1. Poor Tucker! You're right - he does have a lot to contend with. And now the poor guy can't even get a well deserved rest!

  2. Too comfortable to care, I think.

  3. Ha! Poor Tucker, much put upon. Though we have to agree with Deb on this one, he's probably too comfy to care! :-)

  4. no such thing as personal space :)

  5. I agree with Deb: too comfy to care.
    They do look great together, though.