Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Feline Mind Meld

Today’s story depends upon two elements of Renn’s character.

Firstly, he loves people. He may be a bit shy at first with strangers, but it takes him very little time to warm to them. He likes to know where I and and, from time to time, visit with me, before going back to snoozing or peering out the window. He enjoys physical contact with people. When they aren’t petting him, he likes to lie up against them.

Secondly, he loves lying on the bed with me. Whenever I lie down for a nap (which is very rare) or to sleep (a nightly occurrence), he will come trotting into the bedroom and jump up on the bed. How he knows that I am lying on it, as opposed to sitting (which evokes no reaction on my big boy’s part), I don’t know. He is the first to join me at bed-time and the last to get off the bed in the morning, the lazy dog.

This past weekend, I was working on my computer in the bedroom and Renn wanted to keep me company. In he came and settled down on the bed. After half an hour, I figured he had a good idea, and I joined him for a short lie-down. Renn immediately started purring. But he felt he needed physical contact, so he reached out with a couple of paws. I think the intention may have been to knead me, but the stretch was probably too pleasant, and he just kept one foot against my head.

I don’t know what was sillier: that I had a purring cat with his paw pushed against my head for twenty minutes, or that I didn’t move because I was reluctant to disturb him for twenty minutes.


  1. That's called being a friend...he reached out to you, and you stayed still to enjoy the contact!

  2. Ah, the things we do for the comfort of our cats. You're not silly at all, John - just maybe a little stiff from staying in the same position for twenty minutes! :-)

  3. That would have been the purrfect (sorry, bad pun) 20 minutes. How does it get any better than that?

    I happily would borrow Renn for a while! Do you want to temporarily take Nicki in trade? I love him to bits, but he exhausts me sometimes, such a busy boy. Renn's cuddles would be wonderful right now.

  4. Cats for centuries have taught humans patience. The paw definitely kept you in your place, too, all twenty-minutes' worth! ~ Tom

  5. There is something beyond endearing to that sweet paw on your face or head. It's making sure you're there...making sure you stay there...a link that makes the two of you acknowledged family. I LOVE a paw on my face. I feel so loved by Katie. Renn is saying that and also to stay awhile with him to you as well.

  6. Haha that made me smile. Miss pops will call out with her come in and cuddle meow. I have to lie down and she will jump up and lie across my leg and purr. She only stays for less than 10 minutes then contented will go and sleep by herself.

    She also does like Renn does, but I am not allowed to touch back. It must make the feel safe and happy and it makes me smile to think that you can be zen and lie there and keep your boy happy.

  7. long and pros purr ~~~~ _V

    we think itz total lee awesum ya like ta chillax with
    dad like that

    dad cap sured a good shot ♥♥♥

  8. I wouldn't move either. When Holly comes to snuggle up close with her loud purr, I just cannot bring myself to get up.
    What a sweet boy Renn is. I hope Ali finds a loving home of his own soon. He is just like my Holly.

  9. He is a sweet boy. Eric was very similar with Ivor. If he was in bed he would lie across the top of his head. If he was in the recliner he would be on the back with his paws resting on Ivor's head. He was never that fascinated by my head though, apart from walking right across it to get to Ivor.