Sunday, May 10, 2020

Out On the Town, Friday Night

Friday evening’s weather was pleasant, and I enjoyed riding my bicycle while on errands. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the time of day. I saw this lady, only about ten or twelve feet away from me, on the front lawn of a house.

At first, she was sitting quietly, so still that I thought she was a sculpture, a lawn ornament. Then she stood, perhaps self-conscious under my gaze. She did not seem particularly wary, and was certainly not frightened, despite the street a few yards behind me being one of the town’s busiest.

In truth, though the current health crisis has reduced automobile traffic a little, deer sometimes walk through the centre of town even during normal times. I have seen one crossing a more hectic street than this one at mid-day.

But the evening was calm, and so was the doe. She wandered off, nibbling at the grass. I didn’t see her cross the street; I don’t know if she did. I hope she made it back home in safety. Though they are not commonly seen in town, neither are deer rare observances, and they likely know their way about. This one’s slow pace and untroubled demeanour was nice to witness, and I hope she had as enjoyable an excurision as she made mine.


  1. OH you are like me in your reaction. I still stop if I can, and watch the loveliness while I can There are many about here as well but I never cease to appreciate them and welcome seeing them.

  2. It looks like you weren't the only one out and about and enjoying Friday evening. The doe is just beautiful.

  3. A nice thing to see on a spring evening. The last time I saw deer was when I visited the Getty Center a few years ago. Two of them were wandering around the hills behind the site. It was a really pleasant surprise.

  4. It looked like an enjoyable ride and nice to have traffic so light
    while on a bike. We had a bitter freeze on Friday night and fierce
    winds Saturday, no biking here. One doe, huh? Around here it means
    there is a herd close by. We have been seeing the bucks grouped up
    for the summer already, with velvet on their antlers. Hope your
    whole weekend was calm, for you and the cats.

  5. They are such pretty critters and we enjoy watching them too.

  6. It is nice to see the deer.
    About 3 miles from us there is an industrial estate and one of the factories has an expansive lawned area. Most times when we drove past we would see 50+ deer grazing and sleeping there.
    About a year ago they expanded the factory so the deer just moved across the road to the old airport.

  7. Oh! Deer! Oh! Deer! :)
    Well..someone had to say it..! :o).

  8. Funny how you thought she was a statue at first!

  9. The only wildlife I have seen is one lone turkey in my backyard. My tabby boys were captivated. Deer are so elegant looking, even in their movements. What a nice sight for you to see. I see that grass is turning green in your area. Hoping your ride is a bit warmer with spring in the air. We have had freezing temps here in northern Illinois! Once again mother nature will be going from winter to summer.

  10. I never like to see deer in the city - a friend had one crash through a patio door and it made it to his daughter's bedroom where it died on her bed. Ewww!

    Fingers crossed the doe made it to a safe(r) area. Thanks for the sharing the photos.