Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Most Important Provision

Sometimes I worry that I am not providing a good life for my cats. That is especially the case with Neville, who suffers from a resistance to insulin, and therefore must endure the effects of his diabetes without relief. He and I do have our times together, when I rub his chin for ten or fifteen minutes, and he purrs, before leaving for another location. But I worry that all of the beasts aren’t living as well as they can.

But then again, I think that I may be putting human sensibilities into the minds of cats. During the weekend, I watched a movie that gave me pause to think about what must be one of the greatest gifts a person or animal can have: security. Food is necessary, but without security, there will be doubt of its constancy. Warmth is comfortable, but without security, it may be taken at any moment. Companionship is fulfilling, but without security, it may vanish the next hour.

I think security is even more vital to animals than it is to humans, for we can plan for improvements in our lives. We can think of the future. Even if we just fantasize, we can imagine better times and hope for greater things. Cats, and most animals, I believe, live much more in the present than we humans do, with little thought for the future, except for the elements of their routine. The most important aspect of an animal’s life, then, is probably security, without which the basis of his existence will be fear, a draining, exhausting emotion that precludes or at least inhibits almost everything positive.

When we see our cats sleeping; resting cosily in a bed or on a quilt; dozing even on a hard floor, because they know they are protected from harm, I think they are benefitting from the best thing we can give them. We must provide much more, of course, but the basis of a good life, for any creature, is freedom from fear.

Perhaps if I have given my beasts that, they won’t blame me too much for any omissions for which I am responsible.


  1. I think we can put 'ALL' that into one
    word..and that word is.....Love...!
    We love our cats, we love our animals
    and hopefully in some cases we love each
    other...we can then demonstrate our love,
    and tell others all about it..As you've just
    done John..
    I've said this before..you are a diamond John...
    You are a complete carer for the cats you care
    for, and have cared for...and they've showed there
    love in return, in there own way...the important thing
    to them is security, and they'll always have that as
    long as you are there for them...
    God bless you John...God bless you...!

  2. Whether human or feline, security is probably right up there with food. It's a necessity for comfort. I know when I come indoors to my inside cats I tell them often, you two are so lucky. The ones outside are at the whims of the weather and the dangers of night. It makes me sad to think that but I can only provide what I can provide to the outdoor cats. I wish that those that dumped them had thought more about taking care of them than just leaving them to fend for themselves.

  3. I had not thought about security for my cat. I have always wondered about Precious having a few "hide-outs" from me. But maybe she is just secure there knowing full well when she gets up and out, I will provide the food and comb and legs. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I think security and safety are key, though I doubt that non-humans think about that the way we do. Are feral and abandoned cats living in fear? I suspect not, not the way we perceive "fear." Or at least not all the time. But they would, I imagine, lack the relaxation and comfort that comes from a secure, safe loving home.

    Your fur family are deeply loved and exceedingly well care for; I'm sure they are content in their cat way, "happy" to be safe, warm, dry, and well fed. ♥

  5. I agree with Kea. You have given them freedom from lack, freedom from fear, freedom from hunger and freedom for suffering these things as well... cold, wet, and excessive heat. And you have given them love, comfort, snuggling which they love. They have you. All important.

  6. Everyone looks so sweet, so comfortable, so happy and warm and loved. Freedom from fear is such a blessing.

  7. Your cats are well-fed, warm, safe, comfortable and loved. Honestly, John, I can't imagine any of them having a better cat-parent, and I think they would all agree.

  8. First I'll say that I don't think you need to worry that you're not providing a good home for your cats. I don't know of many people who care for their animals as well as you do, John. That said, while security is important I think the most important thing we can give our cats is love. If they have love, everything else will come - security, kindness, understanding, freedom from fear, food and comfort.

  9. Every one of your cats look relaxed and happy knowing the security of their home and your love.

  10. I believe you are correct; cats don't think like humans, and vice versa. It's easy for us to assume this and that, but if an old cat wants to nap on the hardwood floor, then who am I to believe she'd be better off with a blanket and a heaty pad?
    When I put those things out, she refuses to use that spot, until the floor is bare again.

  11. Cats love routine, and security is the best way to ensure routine.

  12. You give them security and even more importantly, love.

  13. You are giving your cats the best of all that you can...the are quite secure, their home is filled with love, and many comforts a kitty could ever dream of, esp the ones you rescue.

  14. I agree, along with the necessities of life, security in a safe home is the best thing we can provide to our cats.