Friday, May 12, 2023

Where There's a Cat

Sometimes a cat will surprise you.

Renn has not shown an interest in the nylon cube since it was brought to the apartment. During the last couple of days, however, he’s not only gone into it, but spent some time there, and even played a little while filling it.

These beasts often behave in a manner unexpected. Sometimes, it is a major display of hitherto hidden desires or dislikes, such as Imogen developing a playful relationship with Percival. Sometimes, it is a little thing, like sitting in a nylon cube.

Where there is a cat, there will usually be a surprise, at some point.


  1. There will ALWAYS be surprises. Always.

  2. HaHa! Yes! As we ALL know...cats are full of
    surprises...l have two visit me every day, well..
    two and a half actually...HeHe! :).
    In the short visit they usually get up to something,
    Fudge sits on the barby, waiting for his saucer of
    milk, then pops into my home for a look round,
    making sure it's all in order, if not, he'll put it right!
    Or sit there, looking at me to put it right...!
    He's lovely, always look forward to his visits.....! :)x

  3. Just when you think you know just what they like or will be doing, they up the ante and leave us smiling at the change. Renn is looking great in the cube.

  4. "Where there is a cat, there will usually be a surprise, at some point."
    Truer words were never typed!

  5. Surprises...that's what keeps us interesting ;)
    You never know what we will get up to or into.
    Nice to see Renn looking happy and relaxed in the cube :)
    Purrs, Julie

  6. I have bought things for all my cats as have we all...and they stayed unused. Untried. OR--- tried and rejected whatever it was. BUT! Wait several years, put it out again and they are interested .

  7. Renn you look so adorable in that cube. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  8. Renn looks so sweet in the cube. Maybe he has seen others use it and decided it was time he found out what it was all about. I love that he even played in it.

  9. Life with cats is never dull, that's for sure. I know Renn occasionally feels "under the weather", so I was very happy to see how well he looks in these pictures.

  10. Glad Renn is enjoying the cube.

  11. Well, that is certainly a nice surprise. We are glad Renn's enjoying the cube!

  12. Must keep the bean guess, right Renn? I love it when the cats do something unexpected or something that hasn't happened for a long time.