Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Faithful Dog

The late and very lamented Bear-Bear was a people-cat, so much so that he largely ignored other animals, to concentrate solely on humans. What a fellow he was.

My friend Renn is also a people-cat. He likes other cats, as well. He is Tungsten’s pal, always taking the opportunity to sniff her nose - or her other end - and keeps trying to get close to my foster-beast, Cammie, who treats his efforts like a tap that runs with both hot and cold water. But above all, Renn loves his humans.

Possessed of a cool and logical mind, my big boy is a scientist, specialising in the study of water. But his heart is susceptible not to reason, but to the lure of human company. He loves lying with me on the bed. He is always the first of my roommates to join me there at night. If I wake in the middle of the night, I will inevitably hear a repetitive ‘rrrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrr’, and feel heavy footfalls making their way up toward me. To Renn, even the middle of the night is an opportunity for some interspecies comradeship.

If I go for a nap during the day, I need only lie on the bed and I will hear his sturdy tread trotting to the bedroom. How he knows the difference between me sitting on the bed and lying on it is a mystery. But he is a learnรจd cat.

When I sit on the couch, perhaps after dinner, relaxing with a book and a cup of tea, Renn will eventually come to join me. He will lie against me, and likes to feel the reassuring touch of my hand on his flank or, better yet, on his chest.

Periodically, he will find me while I am writing or reading, and come up to me, his back arched and his big floofy tail wagging like a hound’s. I can’t resist him then and we spend a few minutes in mutual admiration. He is not a lap-cat, really, and has only rarely jumped up there. But if I pull him up to rest there, he will purr contentedly for a long time.

What draws these animals to their humans? Why do they choose to like people, or some people in particular? Renn doesn’t like raised voices. There have been times when, angered by a dish that decided to spill its contents (it’s no use blaming me; I didn’t do a thing) or a cat-toy that leaped into my path, I will curse with some vehemence. Renn hurries away at such moments, crouching low, heading for the basement as a refuge. He has known fury; perhaps he has been its target. But this has not soured him on humans, and when I assure him he is not to blame, he slowly resurfaces, and knows all is well.

It’s cats such as Renn who have made pets of their species, chums for humans who expect nothing from them but companionship. I have mentioned before that he reminds me of a dog. He is my faithful dog, the sort who shows us that fidelity and friendship are not exclusive to canines.


  1. Renn's such a love. :-)

    Maybe he sees you as HIS pet! (As mine would see me as theirs. LOL.)

  2. I think people who have never experienced the attentions of a cat have missed out in life. I don't mind dogs, but give me the rumble of a cat's purr or a cat curled up against my side, rather than a wiggling, leaping, wagging, drooling dog any day!

    Enjoy your Renn!

  3. My Renn was a very social cat too. He always wanted to be part of what ever I was doing and was close by me all the time. He played fetch and came when I called. He loved Marco-Polo too :) Another furbaby I was blessed with for sure!
    Marty's Mom

  4. And he is a good looking fellow too. He looks a lot like our smallest but rapidly growing Einstein. The little fellow runs up to lay on my lap and comes at night to sometimes lay on me and sometimes to lay next to me. My Timmy is my constant companion. On the computer and he visits but does not interfere. He just checks if things are fine. On the couch he lays agains my leg as I put the recliner up. In bed he lays on my side purring away content. If I wake and he is not there he makes himself known quickly. I will not even get into the rest of the crew but all of my fellows are wonderful companionsI
    Dad Pete

  5. I think this is so true about a lot of cats, actually almost all of them in their own way. Even our Momma cat who is very feral likes to be with me. She will come sit with me when I am outside, not close but about 5 feet away and she follows me everywhere. They are very much like dogs in many ways.
    Take care.