Monday, October 19, 2015

A Trial to One's Understanding

Some people call cats inscrutable. I wouldn’t go so far as to agree with that, but they can try one’s understanding at times. Take, for example, Cammie and Noah. Sometimes, the evenings at my house are filled with Cammie chasing the foster-cat. She will wait by the bed, if Noah is hiding under it. She will wait under a cat-tree if the boy is lying on one of its platforms. She will scream and hiss if he gets too close to her.

And then there are instances such as this.

I came in to the bedroom to find Noah sitting on a cat-tree quite close to the princess. I had not heard any complaint from her in the previous few minutes, so obviously Noah had jumped up to sit close by without her objecting. And so they sat for about a quarter-hour. Fortunately, the boy didn’t try to sniff Cammie or, God forbid, touch her. Eventually, Noah became bored, as he often does, and jumped down to see what trouble he could find.

The next time Cammie met Noah, she chased him down the stairs, then up again, until I stepped between them. As I wrote above, a trial to one’s understanding.


  1. Well, Cammie, being a princess, doesn't need to explain her moods to anyone. :-)

  2. maybe she is just keeping him on his toes about the "rules" :)

  3. Perhaps it is age related. I know my Annabelle is full of youthful enthusiasm and my seniors, especially Boo do not appreciate it AT ALL!

  4. Maybe Cammie does find Noah to be an enjoyable companion, just not all the time. I like the photos of the two of them sitting together enjoying the view from their window. From Jessica and Eileen

  5. Cats...they insist on keeping us guessing.