Monday, October 26, 2015

The Night Stalker

Renn enjoys keeping me company at night while I sleep. He is always the first to come to bed with me at the end of the day. My little orange friend, Tungsten, used to have first choice of position on the bed, and usually would lie in my hand, very near my face. Now, Renn, by virtue of being first there, rather than being the top-cat, gets to choose. Like Tungsten, he likes to lie down on the side that I am facing. When I roll over, he changes sides of the bed.

When I first turn out the light, Renn lies down near my head, and sometimes stretches out one of his powerful forelegs to make sure I am paying attention to his presence. He is not the tiny terror, however, and having my big boy so close to me face can be too close. So I usually push him back down the bed a ways. He accepts this, and so we drift off to sleep.

I wake during the night. Normally, it’s a couple of times, when, hitherto lying on one side, my body tells me it’s time to roll over. Renn notices when I am no longer slumbering. Then it starts. First, there is a low, slow, rumbling purr. It builds, and a heavy form starts making its way up the bed. He is a shadow in the darkness, a silhouette; I hear and feel his movements. He will lie down very close to my face, and again the paw comes out to touch me. I’m awake, so I must have time to give him some attention.

I have taken to pretending that I don’t wake, that I am actually still unconscious. But the rough motor continues. I know that those golden eyes are staring at me. He felt me stir, he saw me turn. I’m awake. Time for petting. I can ignore a cat fairly well at this point in my feline-ridden life, but a purring cat with a metaphorical grin staring at me simply causes me to smile myself, or to laugh. That really destroys the illusion of sleep.

Renn receives his affection. I rub that big head. He may turn over, so I rub his furry chest. But only for a minute. After all, it’s the middle of the night. I tell my big boy that he’s had enough and gently push him away. He’s satisfied for now.

Until I wake again a few hours later, and see that shape creeping up toward me once more, the purring having begun…


  1. what a great visual.....and such a sweet boy Renn

  2. I chuckled reading this because I am SO sleep deprived, thanks to Derry-Bear, who also likes to change sides every time I do (which is frequently), and to curl up against my chest. I get the paw, claws extended, if I try to ignore him. :-)

    Ah, life with cats. Not boring. Not much sleep, but not boring.

  3. This made me smile John. I used to have to share my teenage single bed with a big cat called Rasmus. The minute you moved or rolled over would send him into a 20 minute purring frenzy, like sharing your bed with a motor mower.

    Julie q

  4. The sound of any of my cats purring is, for me, better than any sleeping tablet ever made. Now, those leaps from high places onto my tummy or my head leave something to be desired. Stop and think about it...when was the last time any of us have had a full nights sleep?

    1. It's true. The interesting times are when I wake on weekend mornings and hope to get more sleep. That's when Josie likes to lie on my chest, and Tucker likes to lie on my back. Neither is conducive to continued rest.

  5. Such a familiar story here too. My Saku doesn't sleep close to me, that's Sasha's spot, but if I wake during the night, he climbs on me, walks up to my face with the motor running, and insists on rubs. If I try to push him away before he's ready, he comes right back. Sometimes it is 20 minutes or more before he settles down. No wonder I've been going to bed at 9 p.m. most nights!

    Enjoy the time with Renn! He's such a sweet boy.

  6. I have two girls competing for the same spot and of course whomever gets there first is the victor. It's mainly Boo who is first and then Annabelle will stir around for awhile until she settles down. Mostly settles. She is so quick to move if I do and then she is fully awake. Renn is a sweetie.

  7. That would be Ralphie. Just add in his need to clean me, I assume to "soothe" me in his mind :) I wouldn't trade it for the world either, that love is what it is all about.