Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Always the Lady

Josie likes to keep clean. She cannot always reach certain spots on her body because of her size. I help her with those places. But she nonetheless tries, and if she is sometimes a little dirty here and there, it is not her fault. Being a well-mannered girlcat, she will pretend, for the sake of appearances, that her condition is perfectly hygienic due to her conscientious efforts. So when she is cleaning herself, she lifts her rear leg, as though she could actually reach the appropriate spots.

My Chubs also likes to eat. Sometimes, she has her soft-food meals on the sitting room rug. Other times, she trots into the bedroom, to have them served to her on the bed. I don’t mind doing that; wherever she will eat a good dinner or breakfast, that’s where I will serve it.

A couple of days ago, dinner was ready but the Great White was not. She was washing herself as I came in with her dish of food. Her leg was up in the air in the usual pantomime of cleaning her nether regions. But food is food. Josie doesn’t eat as much as she used to, but she still enjoys a meal. So the eating took priority. However, she apparently did not want to lose her place in regard to washing; one becomes forgetful while indulging the appetite. So this is how my Chubs ate her dinner that evening.

I can only assume that she later returned to her ablutions at the spot at which she had left them.


  1. Josie, our biped thinks that's quite amusing, in a genteel way, of course. :-)

  2. well there you go... eats first, clean second. Dids your Mom tells you dats u can bookmark your spot? -Lil Bear.

  3. Oh that is perfectly adorable! What a silly girl!

  4. She's lovely and she's intent on staying that way. With a little help from her dad of course.

  5. Miss Pops has the same problem. She also has problems getting to the back of her lady trouser pants to clean. She does not want me to help her out, though sometimes we have to get the vet to help out.