Friday, March 18, 2016

And Then There's Tucker . . .

Josie goes for her doctor’s appointment at 4.30 today. I hope to have an answer to her weight-loss soon after, and I hope the answer is one that is beneficial to her.

Cammie, meanwhile, continues to feel poorly and is not eating. She did consume some treats, so I know she can physically eat. Unfortunately, she can’t live on treats, and has no stomach for anything else. I have given her slippery elm to calm that tummy but, though it may indeed have done that, she still does not have an appetite. This morning, I dosed her with hairball remedy, as I think that may be the problem. The princess hated that more than the elm, and afterward it looked like someone had attacked my bathroom with a brush full of brown tree-sap. My bathroom floor is also brown. Sigh. Cammie too had sticky goop all over her, though she was more amenable to a subsequent cleaning than to the medicine that necessitated it.

And on the topic of cleaning…

Tucker is experiencing runny poop. He is otherwise fine, and I suspect it is merely a passing problem (literally). Until it goes, however, cleaning his bum may be an on-going chore. When he is messy, he is messier than Josie, and when he needs cleaning, he is less co-operative than my Chubs. He makes pathetic squeaking sounds and looks at me with those big imploring eyes. But he smells better afterward…

I had actually intended to write something a bit more positive this morning regarding the beasts, considering their current troubles, so I will add this about my roly poly sausage. His back end, weakened due to his diabetes, is now back to regular strength. He still uses the steps to get on to the bed, but that is more for convenience than need: he has recently jumped up on to the bed without hesitation. He has even leaped from the cat-tree near the window on to the bed. So we are doing well in keeping the diabetes controlled.

Even so, I could have done without this morning’s extra half-hour of cleaning and force-feeding. Now, there is just one cat in the household without health troubles. And I think he he is keeping a wary eye open…


  1. guys....ewe R givin yur dad a time of it....we wunder if a viruz...knot de computer type, haz thrown everee one fora loop.... ???

    in de off chance yur dad reedz thiz bee fore josie goez two de vet; pleez tell him ta ask de vet about a B12 injection for cammie az several palz we know haz finded it beneficial in jump startin an app a tite.....

    all sew; if therez tummy troublez round TT; we get a tablespoon oh room temperature peppermint tea, twice a day, for two days...tell yur dad if heez interested, ta get:

    all natural, nothing added, plain, no sugar, no preservatives etc....peppermint tea, fix it as if he were going to drink it, let it cool to room temp then take 3 teaspoons in the morn and 3 at night

    we send St Francis' blessings two everee one, Renn...stay rite wear yur at !!! heerz two a temperate ocean bass kinda week oh end ♥♥♥♥

  2. Oh dear a triple threat. I hope the Vet visit goes well and you have good news for Josie. Annabelle being a manx has bathroom issues from time to time. Abby did too. It's a manx thing. But Annabelle has lots and lots and LOTS of floof. She abhors me to clean her bottom, but like you I take her into the small bathroom and clean her as best as she will allow. Sometimes we have to resort to a hair cut. I hate that, but...sometimes it's the best thing to do. I've been luck lately, a few months have gone by with no problems which probably means I have jinxed myself. I hope Tucker and Cammie feel better.

  3. I'll say it again: Boy, do you have your hands full! Since you'll be taking Josie to the vet this afternoon, why don't you mention the stomach problems Cammie and Tucker are having to her? Meanwhile, my cats and I will be keeping our fingers and paws crossed that everything is OK. Please keep us posted on the vet's findings.

  4. Oy! Lots of healing purrs to everyone, and paws crossed Renn continues to be fine. Extra purrs to Josie for her appointment and tests.

  5. Oh Dear. Poor you. Have you tried feeding them plain chicken breast, just baked in the oven with water? Also, when Genji was in full pancreatitis mode, one of the few things he would eat was dehydrated chicken treats.

    Keep us posted!

  6. I am anxious to hear about Josie and oh my. Cammie, what is wrong? Tucker, goodness sakes. I hope everyone gets to feeling good again. Your dad could use a break. By the way, roll poly sausage cracked my mom up. I'm a pot roast you know.

  7. Oh no - sounds like your place is turning into a hospital. Poor little things - we are glad that one out of four is fine.

  8. I am sure you and Josie are back from the vet appointment. I do hope it was good news for her. I am thinking of all three of the kitties. Cammie please get better! And Holly believes one can live on treats alone.

  9. Oh John, this is awful. I do hope things resolve themselves on the home front. Have you changed any foods, cleaning agents , dish washer detergents, or have you had visitors who have come in contact with sick kitties? Right now, I'm battling a problem with cat vomiting too. Vet on Monday if things don't improve.
    We hope you received some good news about Josie's weight lost. Something treatable/fixable. You are all in our prayers.

  10. I hope everything went alright at the vet. Sending lots of healing thoughts for all the ailing kitties!

  11. Poor kitties and you too! To have so many feeling unwell at the same time. Must admit I'm thanking my lucky stars that my three are healthy.

    Hope the news for Josie is good and the others get over what is bothering them soon.

  12. It seems that when it rains it pours at your house! I will keep my fingers crossed and my prayers going strong! Keep us all informed and hopefully all will turn around for the better.