Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aspects and Prospects

When I first moved into the new apartment, I was worried that its view would be limited, especially when compared to that of the house. The house’s aspects were both east and west, and, since there were many, large windows, a cat could almost see north and south, as well. There were birds, leaves, cars, people and the occasional intruder-cat to watch.

The apartment is smaller and the prospects, I thought, were more limited. But are they? I have been watching the cats watch. Much of the time, they just lie placidly about on cat-trees, observing the world.

But the new residence does have its advantages. We have quite a few birds visiting the grounds just outside the windows. Magpies thrive here, which is, perhaps, unfortunate, as they are rather a bully of a bird and drive away others. But there are also crows, starlings, I think, and the ubiquitous sparrows. Many of them land directly in front of the cats while the latter are watching. The magpies strut about with impunity, probably knowing that they are safe from the fearsome predators behind the glass of the windows.

Present in the neighbourhood as well are several outside cats. There are five of whom I know, and they are all looked after by neighbours. They are fed and given shelter when it is cold outside. Most are black and white, though an orange one has come by.

A couple are friendly animals, and the others become so upon acquaintance but are otherwise timid. They seem to have no compunction about wandering right up to the windows of the apartment and greeting my beasts. Perhaps they, like the magpies, know that they are secure from any physical encounters with my cats. The latter have a number of responses, and I haven’t yet discovered if these responses are determined by which intruder cat presents itself, or by merely my animals’ mood at the time. (I don’t suppose it is fair to call the outside cats ‘intruders’, as they were in the neighbourhood first. Mine are the actual intruders.)

There are even humans to watch, neighbours across the narrow alley, and people who use it as a route from one street to another. The alley itself is L-shaped and, considering its brevity and angle, is travelled by a surprising number of automobiles. These do not bother me and they, as well as pedestrians in the little lane, provide some diversion for the cats.

So the new abode is not so limited in opportunities for viewing the wider world as it may have first seemed. It’s fun to watch the cats hasten from the sitting room to the library to the bedroom and perhaps back again, following a passing feline or trying to get a better look at a bird. My roommates have adjusted very well to the apartment, finding their snug snoozing spots and their vantage points. It demonstrates that the cleverest see advantages no matter where they are.


  1. Your tribe seem quite happy on their perches, and as you say there does seem plenty for them to watch. It is so good that they are settled in your new home.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. plus - newer channels from the old place :)

    *thank you for your kind words about Tim....

  3. guys...we think itz total lee awesum de nayborz all look afturr de outside crew !!! high paws two them all ♥♥♥

  4. All the kitties seem to enjoy the view. They all appear happy and interested and enjoying lounging in front of the windows.

  5. I loved your photos. Isn't it wonderful how cats can adapt and see the advantages in a new situation? I wish more humans could be like that.

  6. Big screen TV with 24 hour news. I think the activities outside - people in the alley, cats and birds - are endlessly entertaining. We humans could learn a thing or two on observing the world around us.

    From our third story window, Holly keeps watch on the neighbours very closely , as did my Jessica. The recent Apple update means I cannot leave comments on your blog unless I use my phone.😟

    1. Whenever computers are improved they become less convenient...

  7. It is good to see that they are enjoying their new aspect on what goes on outdoors. The change gives them interest.

  8. Your cats have adapted to their new environment very well. It seems like there is always something to look at. All look very happy!

  9. They do seem to have settled in quite nicely. I suspect most non-humans adapt more easily to (certain) circumstances than we humans!

  10. So glad to hear the furbabies are settling in nicely. When I moved to my current apartment, I lamented the lack of direct sunlight. We don't get nearly the amount of sun puddles that we used to get at our last place. But my fur kids find the sun puddles that are available in the afternoons, and we have unparalleled bird and squirrel tv for all of us to watch. As with everything else, the world is what you make of it!!!