Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Ministry of Silly Cats

There are certain bodily positions that animals cannot physically endure, due to their bone and muscle structure. Before I had a cat, I was certain that one of them was what I like to call Tucker’s ‘bathing beauty pose’. I imagine him lying on a beach somewhere, on a towel, catching the warmth of a summer sun.

He periodically adopts a slight variation of this, with the rear legs farther apart. Perhaps the sand on the beach is becoming a little too warm…

Then there is the half-and-half, which makes Tucker appear as though he is ready to get up. Don’t let him fool you, however. He is as likely simply to roll over as stand. Sometimes, he remains like this for ten minutes or so, like a sprinter who’s forgotten about the race and is admiring the view from the starting-blocks.

But at last he will curl up and be the roly poly again. As we all know, cats can sleep in any situation, but I like this one. He’s probably worn out from all that posing.


  1. They fluidity of their bodies is always amazing. Great poses Tucker!

  2. Tucker was "Doing the Q" in the first two photos. I am sure it must have been in honour of Monty Q.

    1. Poor Monty Q. I visited his blog this morning and left my condolences. I agree; I think Tucker must have been doing the Q for Monty. After all, Monty had a Tucker, too.

  3. He does contort his body into the most peculiar poses! :-D

    Ah, if only I were a fraction that flexible....

  4. He would love Katie. If they were together the two of them would charm a Banker out of his bankroll! She does the same thing.

  5. What a cute little guy. My little old lady sleeps on her back all the time big dumb smile on her face the whole time.

  6. Poor Tucker is all tuckered out, (pun intended)! He looks like he's doing yoga. Who knew being a yoga instructor was such hard work?!

  7. I leave the fancy poses to him. I fear if I tried that, I might need some hospital care. yikes. Flexi-cat!

  8. Wow, a Tucker is so flexible! And very adorable. Love the Monty Python reference.

  9. Ivy sleeps like that and mom is amazed every time :)

  10. dood.....we.....loves.....theeze......fotoz !!!!!!

    hill larry uz !!!!

    984 paws UP ☺☺☺