Monday, June 6, 2016

At Last, Some Good News For Tucker

Hurrah! Tucker has been accepted at Oxford, and this September leaves for four years of intense study in England.

Well, no, that would be silly. He hasn’t even finished high school yet.

However, the roly poly does have some good news. It doesn’t have to do with his Horner’s Syndrome, which is still afflicting him. I spoke with his regular doctor and she saw no reason to bring him to the hospital right now; since Tucker is suffering no other problems, there is little to be done with his current condition. As some from the Cat Blogosphere have told me, it could take a while before the situation improves. The veterinarian said the same thing. So my cat will continue to look like a little sausage-shaped Bond villain for a while.

A week ago, I conducted another curve on Tucker, who has diabetes. The first number in the curve was quite low, and by late morning, his numbers were very low. I was ready with the corn syrup, but he was not otherwise affected, so there was no crisis. But it occurred to me that I was now giving him too much insulin in the mornings.

Some time ago, the amount was increased to four units in the morning (and kept at three in the evening). This was because Tucker’s numbers were not satisfactorily low. Now, they were too low. I decided to reduce his dosage to three units in the morning, and followed his curve with individual tests over the next five days.

These showed a lower average number than had been the case previously. This average, though not quite as low as the doctor would have liked, was nonetheless a good one and suggested that the management of Tucker’s diabetes may be starting. The veterinarian agreed that the roly poly’s dosage should be fixed now at three units in the morning and three at night.

This is a small change. It may take a long time for the condition to be crushed – it may never be entirely beaten – but at least we are moving in the right direction.

This is better than going to England, though Tucker will miss out on the chance to play Blofeld’s cat in the next 007 film.


  1. Even though Tucker won't be going to Oxford, it is still good news to hear that his diabetes is stabilizing. Way to go Tucker!!

  2. Good news indeed for sweet Tucker. Paws crossed and purrs that he continues to improve and do well. :-)

  3. Having Tucker's diabetes under control will help both of you feel much better. I am he is quite healthy and will thrive with the right medications. He is such a lovely boy - and Hollywood and Oxford don't know what they are missing.

  4. too bad about Oxford....maybe he could have gotten a good job and started to support you :)

    glad his numbers are improving and things are looking up

  5. Happy to read he is doing well. Give him a hug for me. Deb

  6. This is excellent news! Every step in the right direction is a victory. I'm so happy for him. You've done an absolutely splendid job, John. Maybe there's a second career in medicine in your future

    1. Thank you, but maybe Tucker should be the one studying medicine: he's been through enough of its problems, the poor guy.

  7. dood...we iz buzzed happee ya getted ax cepted inta oxford !!!

    we haz lotz oh palz a cross de big pond N we noe they will bee mor N happee ta show ewe round, and just think...ewe can studee CATalan, & LAW &...

    what ???? .......oh

    cranbereez dood, sorree...yur KNOT goin ta oxford...

    YET !! ♥♥♥

    total lee awesum nooze tho bout yur numberz & stuff ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. That is very good news that Tucker's diabetes is stabilising. Maybe next year for Oxford!

  9. Wonderful news for Tucker! England would have been good, but this is better.

  10. Good to see that Tucker is improving.

  11. OH such wonderful news for Tucker!!!