Friday, June 10, 2016

The Turn of Events

Things have not remained static here during the last couple of days. The last I wrote of Cammie was that the Clavamox prescribed for her intestinal infection was making her vomit. The next day, I spoke with the veterinarian, who recommended that a newer anti-biotic called Veraflox supplant the Clavamox. (There must be a specific department in pharmaceutical companies staffed by people who do nothing but make up drug names that sound like aliens from Star Trek.) The doctor also gave me the option of having Cammie injected with Cerenia, an anti-emetic, to keep her from vomiting. (That one is more like a planet the “Enterprise” visits than a person.)

Yesterday, Cammie seemed to be improving. She did not throw up most of the day and, though her intake was very slight, she ate a tiny amount of soft-food and drank a modicum of water – as long as I hand-delivered it. She didn’t stir from her cat-tree. I filled the role of cup-bearer to Her Serene Highness. Later, I collected the Veraflox without bringing Cammie to the hospital. But that night, she threw up. And very early the next morning. And not long after that.

To the hospital she and I returned. She received her shot of Cerenia. While there, the doctor told me that in some cases, Clavamox’s effects last up to 72 hours after a final dose; indeed, though Cammie had deposited a well-formed golfball-sized lump of urine in a litter-box, she also left some very formless feces. The doctor suggested some FortiFlora pro-biotic to counteract the latter. I knew my cat would not consume that in or on her food under regular conditions, but I would be feeding her by syringe, and it could be included in the mixture. As well, the doctor wanted to see if Cammie could supply a better sample of urine than was obtained during the previous appointment. This was a good idea and done for free. The princess and I went home, where I incurred her wrath an hour later by force-feeding her some Recovery convalescent food by syringe.

The veterinarian called with the urinalysis results in the late afternoon. In a twist to the plot, almost nothing adverse was shown in the tests. Cammie appeared healthy. The infection seemed to have vanished. The doctor was surprised, and expressed doubt that the Clavamox could have solved the problem so quickly. However, as the need no longer was apparent, she thought application of the new Veraflox could be postponed.

Had there been an infection? I think there must have, considering Cammie’s symptoms. Was the Clavamox responsible for her vomiting? Again, I fear that to be the case; though the princess is no stranger to the retrograde movement of food, the coincidence of anti-biotic and nearly immediate upchucking was too great to ignore.

Where do we stand now? On slightly higher ground, I’m guardedly pleased to write. Cammie has endured two helpings of syringe-delivered food: good, nutritious food, mixed with water. She has not thrown up since early this morning. She spent most of the day hiding and acting quite depressed (after all, she had been carted off to hospital twice in three days, stabbed with three needles (two samples of urine taken and a shot of medicine), had unwelcome food shoved down her throat twice. All that’s needed is for me to try to cut her claws. But she is out of seclusion and lying on her favourite cat-tree.

And, as important as not vomiting, she has drunk water on her own and even eaten a tiny amount of soft-food this evening. I will try some more of both before bedtime. Some wishes for continued movement in this direction would be appreciated. The events having turned, I don’t want them turning back again.


  1. Fingers crossed Cammie continues to improve.

    Please read up on idiopathic cystitis, as it sounds like Cammie MIGHT have this. As for the in-house urine analysis, I wouldn't trust it, from my own experiences. And the absolute only way to properly check for bacteria in urine is via the culture and sensitivity test, wherein the sample is sent off to a lab and allowed to grow for a few days. It's a pricey test, but conclusive, and if there IS bacteria in the urine, the vet will be able to give the type of antibiotic to take care of it. Otherwise it's all hit and miss. So if it's not a urinary tract infection, it ends up being idiopathic -- been there, with Annie and with Derry.

    Good luck, purrs for Cammie, we hope she's back to 100% soon.

  2. It's great to hear that Cammie is doing a little better. (Every little bit helps!) It's interesting that Cammie's urinalysis was normal. Stress has been known to cause cystitis in cats. I wonder if that was the case with Cammie? Fingers and paws crossed that she has a speedy recovery!

  3. I am glad that Cammie is showing signs of improvements. I will keep praying for her.

  4. She has been through a lot in the past week not just to mention the past few days. I am purring and have paws crossed that she is over her setback & on the mend!

  5. I am glad that Cammie is showing signs of improvement and hope she continues to do so.
    When Flynn had his last downturn he had a 4 day course of Cerenia pills to combat his nausea. Apparently they are very bitter and he hated taking them, but they made such a huge improvement and got him eating again.

  6. Glad Cammie is improving. Fingers crossed it continues!

  7. We're pleased to hear Cammie is starting to improve. Linda, Pepper, and Dublin

  8. I we're so reliever to hear Cammie has begun to take water and eat a bit on her own.
    My old vet used to say if a cat goes off his/ her food, think pain or nausia. It may be neither but it's worth a try treating one or both.
    Have you read about interstitial cystitis in cats? It sounds like Cammie. It comes under the umbrella of FLUTD.
    We continue to pray our hardest for Cammie. Our hearts break for the poor girl as she doesn't know why she's fallen ill and can't tell you how to help her. I know your soothing presence is probably the most comforting thing for her now. Love and kisses to our sweet girl from all of us.

  9. Fingers crossed that Cammie is truly on the mend. Thank goodness you have been home with her to keep an eye on her.